Difference between a desk in the physical world and Shamballa

Where is “The thing” which mind inheres in (or has the ability called thinking) coming from? ≪I became confused “intention” with “thought” at that point.≫

I am wondering there may be a principle which causes the natural connection to give birth to “The thing” which mind inheres…

This question is coming from my thoughts for “The process of birth of human-being from the birth of the Universe” and your answer for my previous question “What is the difference between a desk (inorganic matter) and a human-being?”

If you have anymore new answers, I would love to hear them now.

Please let me know.
Thank you very much for your time.

We have the basic principles in this blog (actually in Shamballa) which is everything is made of Electricity.

Desk on the Earth does not contain the Mental electricity, but humans do.
Dog does not have the Mental electricity, but humans do.

Then, are desk and dog same?
No, dog has an ability to think.

Here, we can just focus on your questions one at a time. Let’s check out this first “What electricity the desk in Shamballa (which is a Mental world) is made of?”

When you mention about the birth of the Universe, you may expect to hear something that the God involves; however we do not have such thought.

First of all, the difference between a desk in the physical electric world and one in the Mental electric world is Mental inorganic electricity (which the desk in the Mental electric world is made of).

Well, let’s imagine you are sitting on a bench with a diamond on your palm in a zoo.

Diamond is actually made of Mental inorganic electricity.

If the whole scene sifted to the world of Astral electricity at the same space/coordinates, you would look very blurred while the bench and cages (for animals) should be all disappeared. The animals (in the zoo) are still there but they should look like fireballs. The diamond would just exist with the same shape & looks.

Then, if the scene elevates/moves to the world of Mental electricity, the animals should be gone by then. You become a fireball as your soul shape, yet the diamond looks the same. A desk in Shamballa which is made of the Mental inorganic electricity finally appears.

There are so many other interesting stories regarding the layers of electricity, but we will talk more if your questions progress a little further.

We hope all your imaginations will be able to catch up what we in Shamballa are seeing as the reality.

Thank you very much for your good questions.

— answered by Shamballa B-team.
August 16th, 2014
(B. 肉体界の机とシャンバラの机の違い )
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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