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Earth in the Universe

Although I have never seen (our planet) Earth from the Universe in reality, I have seen the photos taken from there.

I think the Earth is a really beautiful planet shining brightly in the color blue.

★ I believe you have seen many places in the Universe. So, do you think it is beautiful the planet Earth shining in blue (I have heard that it would be looked differently in a different dimension)?

Are there many beautiful planets like this?

Are all planets actually beautifully shining in different aspects (dimensions?) of view?

It is not how you see it by the aspect but the frequency.

Let’s say, you, as a physical body are now wearing a beautiful dress.

What do you think the dress would look like when you become an astral body (ethereal body)?

If you become a mental body = spiritual body, it will be far from clothes since the body becomes the shape like a comma-shaped bead (Magatama in Japanese).

You can definitely dress up more in the physical world. So, how do you think about this in the Astral world?

Stars & planets are the same.

The dressed-up Earth in the physical world has the beautiful figure, but it is just a desolate desert in the Astral world.

You can see the beautiful figure of both Mars and Venus at the (frequency-wise) sifted world.

Please understand about the principle.

Thank you for your questions.

— answered by members of the United Galaxies.
November 9th, 2015
(連合: 宇宙の中の地球)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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