How to access Shamballa

There was thunder in the morning and afternoon today.

It reminds me of Arom used to tell me “Thunder occurs easily when a country moves in dimension since the friction causes the electricity.”

I hope the country goes to a better direction.

— by Beth


Hi Beth, I would love to go to Shamballa*\(^o^)/*

…How can I visit there from this (physical) world?

Is it the world where people like me who are still in a kindergarten level can’t access?

Is it possible to tell me more about Shamballa which I am totally fine with the only things you are allowed to let us know such as the weather, languages, foods, life style, culture, maniac(?) and so on?

Thank you very much in advance.


It is almost too easy to access Shamballa which has been introduced in the book so that you may deny the entire things we have been telling you in this blog so far; however I dare to introduce it to you here.


Please imagine when you accessed Ameba Pigg very first time.

You created your avatar, yes?

Well, that is fine. You are you…. well, it will change gradually, so please look forward to it.


What you did next was to decide your own room (in Pigg). Yes, you have to create your room.


In your mind. Imagination & fantasy are good enough. That (room) is going to become your contact tool (like a phone) to access Shamballa.

If it’s too difficult to create the entire room, you can start with just a chair and a desk.

What kind of chair would you like?

A desk or table, you can make whatever you like.

Please imagine sitting the chair which you really wish to have.


If you start the process with creating a room, you can imagine rooms/houses like a cottage in some advertising papers between the newspaper, your old house where you used to live, etc. If you already have one (in your mind) for a long time, that’s fine with it. You can start from there.

However, you should NOT change the room/house everytime you imagine it.

Bed time is good to do this everyday. You can fall a sleep right after that.

Please do not change it anyways.


Let’s get furniture and other parts for the room such as a room curtain, window(s), a wall paper, flooring, room light(s), table and so on.

Please do not change those either.

Oh, you should create a DOOR!

Yes, various people start entering to your room through the door.


You suppose to keep accessing the unchanged room for about a month or so.

If the floor becomes unevenly bumpy, you should start over again.

(If you keep accessing the room,) You may start noticing some incidents around the time… well, there is a person in your room.


The person is even sitting on the chair or standing in front of the door….

Oh, no worries.

That person is your higher-self.

You should be able to enter/access there while you are awakening from this point on.

I (Beth) usually enter there when I take a train and/or while I am walking.


Then you soon realize that the person is talking to you.

Or, you can introduce yourself and talk to the person.


You may think it is your imagination at first, and you may deny the conversation like “I can’t believe it!”

Because the information you hear from the person is everything you have already known.

Well, I don’t really think it is real….

However, you will start hearing something really resonates with you.


All right, you can start going outside around this time.

Let’s go out.

Lets’ start walking near the beach, lake, garden and the surrounded area.

Up to this point, Helena Blavatsky used to do in Theosophy.

How is it?

As you see on the book, many scientists, artists have been experimenting, testing, creating and introducing some of the successful works in the physical (real) world.

That’s right. It is not a special thing.

Anyone can do it.

In fact, we set up the place especially for you to be able to realize the reality.

Please ask name of the people you see there if you are curious.

Especially, ask your name in Shamaballa.

What kind of place?

Well, it looks just ordinary with people around.

Although the streets and buildings look a Western/European style, there are various areas with different climates.

Only thing (really different from the physical world) is that our 3 or 4 days are their 1 day (in Shamballa).

You may feel the night seems too long (It can be always night time whenever you try to access).

If you would like to find out more about this in a written format, you can check out the book like “Go beyond 22” which is fun to read since it tells you the way to receive information from Shamballa.

The language comes up with the form before your brain shapes it as a language.

It’s really up to you whether or not you believe it.

(I might have seen this exact sentence before….)

Please enjoy the other space.

Caution : You have to have a standard, normal everyday life.

You can stay there for a long time (if your everyday life is strong enough).

Then, it will be some other stories which you can change the dimensions from this Shamballa.

Thank you very much for your questions in the perfect timing.

June 24th, 2014
(シャンバラの入り方 )
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

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