Translation project begins

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are all doing great!

So, this was a part of my plans when I created this blog… yes, the translation project.

My experiences being in Shamballa had begun when I found the “Beth’s Blog” in 2014. I was just an ordinary blog reader like you and enjoyed reading really interesting & unheard of information from Shamballa and the staff members including the United Galaxies. I did not believe the stories on the blog and just had fun as a fantasy & delusional stuff (like most of us usually react from such stories) at that time.

However, as I spent more time in Shamballa, I started finding out a lot of my missing memories, information about myself and beyond which I had been struggling & eager to find out in the physical world for a long time. There are worlds beyond your imagination and there are many ways to look at yourself and your world as well.

That’s why I started writing about my own experience in Shamballa.

“Beth’s Blog” is a Q&A session blog which the readers ask questions to Shamballa and the staff members answer them. The answers are channeled & typed by the lady “Beth (Elizabeth)” who lives in Shamballa and the physical world like myself.

I have been introducing portion of those Q&As, but I think it will be better to just start posting the entire entry so that you get more direct information from them. Of course, I will never be able to translate more than 6,500 entries (March, 2017). Instead, I would love to introduce my favorite Q&As to you. Hopefully you will enjoy stretching your brain and searching for yourself a little deeper.

All right then…. where should I begin with….?

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