Flowers of the month (April, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. Oops, it has already been in April! Yes, it’s time to introduce the flower of April, 2017 at the Shamballa School 🙂


This is the month for “Sweet Pea” and “Daisy” which are the birth month flowers in the UK & US. In this time, I would like to use the long stem, colorful sweet peas.

[All images are selected & borrowed from my Pinterest board : Flowers April 2017]

These are the main flowers for this arrangement.Yes, I have picked all these colors as well : white, pink, lavender, and white-pink mixed kind… it’s really pretty!

And I always love to use Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura) as the symbol of Spring. There are many Sakura arrangements which tend to be used long & big branches, but I would rather use middle sized branches so that they suppose to work together so well with sweet peas (especially length wise).

I added one display idea image (bottom-right) of Sakura & sweet peas. My arrangement at the Shamballa School supposes to be way larger which almost look like a big bouquet 🙂 Anyways, I use two (2) different types of Sakura in this time : Double cherry blossoms & Hill (wild) cherry blossoms.

Then, daisy is going to be the accent flower for this arrangement. I really love the standard white & yellow daisies.

The flower should rather be smaller ones so that it looks pretty and creates nice contrast against sweet peas. By the way, daisy represents “innocence” for the flower of month.

As I said above, these flowers are put together like a big bouquet (especially if you look at it from above… 2nd or 3rd floor of the school lobby). I use this milky white vase (about 2 feet tall) for the arrangement. Yes, it is a large scale floral arrangement… you know, this is for the School lobby ♪


The arrangement supposes to bring Spring to Shamballa where it is still pretty cold for a while….

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