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Slowly about dimensions

Thank you very much for your question. It will be answered by the staff members in Shamballa. The explanation may sound a little sluggish to you, but we hope you will understand eventually.

I have seen the word “dimension” in this blog.
We often use this word like “You are in the different dimension,” but I am not really sure what “dimension” is all about.

I am sorry if this is another repetition of the same kind of questions. Continue reading “Slowly about dimensions”


Sweets needed ♪

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you enjoy your Spring/Autumn/Tropical/Winter like weather on Earth 🙂 It’s amazing to think such variety of worlds exist on this small planet. I hope many of us always feel the beauty and love this place…

So, I have been working on the translation project. I hope you all enjoy reading some of them which might not be new to you or might be some ridiculous & delusional stories. That’s all fine. People live the place where they believe what it looks like. Yes, you decide how this world looks like. It is all about your perception which makes even “the reality” changes. Continue reading “Sweets needed ♪”

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Shallow-layer Astral body and the special district; Offering sense/feeling energies

[This is an old information which was applied pre-Ascension time – until the end of 2015. The special district no longer exists either. But the question & answer seem pretty interesting for you to check out…. by Shire]

I hope I can still be in time for the beginners’ week…(。_。*) Thank you very much for this opportunityヾ(*・ω・*)o

I can easily connect to the incorporeal world and see really clear visions when I have a doze in the morning. Continue reading “Shallow-layer Astral body and the special district; Offering sense/feeling energies”

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People who become a part of the planet (after death)

I have a question about “Star/Planet” in this time.
Our ancestors had said people become a star/planet after the death.

Please explain the relation between humans and stars/planets as well as Astral & Mental bodies and stars/planets which should be pretty easy for us to understand.

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Is there body per dimension?

Hello, I would like to confirm an information regarding dimension.

Q1.Currently, a physical body belongs to the 4.5th dimension, Shamballa in the shallow-layered Astral (world) belongs to the 5.5th dimension, Shamballa in the deep-layered Astral (world) belongs to the 6th dimension, a Mental body belongs to the 7th dimension and a Causal body belongs to the 8th dimension. Is that right?

A.  Yes, if they ever exist. Continue reading “Is there body per dimension?”