Benefit – 2

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you enjoy flowers blooming on both hemispheres (Spring & Autumn). It’s really nice to feel the abundance of seasons like this… well, in Shamballa, it is still pretty cold Winter though 🙂

Anyways, I go back to write more about the benefit living a double-life between Shamballa (astral body) and the physical world.

To me at least, the most benefit is to realize who I am. The life in the physical world only has been giving me lots of questions and mysteries. In fact, I have so many discrepancies and loss of memories which I had no idea how they ever happened and how to solve the problems.

One day, a person who said my “old friend” called me and talked to me for a while, but I could not recall anything, any memory with the person at all. The other day, someone just talked to me at a cafe, “Hey, I saw you at 〇〇place! It was really cool and I’m glad to see you again here!” and of course, I have never been there and I had no idea who the person was… I have such things in my life here and there.

I have had a life full of my own mysteries. Then, many of them now have been solved since I started accessing Shamballa. As I mentioned my previous post, I somehow managed to live a few different life styles as well as moving around dimensions.

It sounds really, yes, truly crazy and I really can’t tell anyone since I usually live a just normal, ordinary everyday life in this physical world.

However, I believe many of you have your own unsolved issues and mysteries about yourself. I am sure you want to know who you really are and where you are really coming from. I pretty much understand what has been going on with me now and it has given me the peaceful state of mind. I now really enjoy my life including any troubles and weirs stuff 🙂

I believe people can get really strong when they know who they really are. Accessing Shamballa and living a double-life are the first step to go the direction.

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