Meeting myself

Hi, this is Shire. I am trying to write this blog at least once a week, and this is the day, I guess 🙂

I’ve been encountering several interesting stuff in this week which almost made my ideas, views and feelings changed so many ways. Then, again, I really feel I am so happy to live (semi-)consciously in both worlds, the physical world and Shamballa.

Yet, I take a little break from the benefit story (from my last post) today….

I was wondering about this for a long time : What would be happening if both of us (the physical world & Shamballa) met in this physical world?

The staff members in Shamballa are of course able to visit the real world with “the physical bodies.” Yes, they can be around us which look just like an ordinary human being so that none of us can figure out he/she actually comes from Shamballa.

How do they do it? There are several ways:

① Using a stored physical body (like a stuffed animal…) – please do not ask me how they preserve it 🙂

② Using an altering frequency apparatus so that their astral bodies can become the physical bodies by lowering the frequencies. Their bodies are of course visible and look just like regular people on Earth (physical world).

③ Many of them live double (w/physical & astral bodies) in both worlds (like myself) so that they can just use their natural born (lol) physical bodies.

④ Just drop by as is… which people in the physical world can’t see.

⑤ Ghost – yes, some of them appear half-way visible so that they look like ghosts…not so fun, I guess.

I thought if 2 physical bodies (in different features, of course) met at the same time & same place, the world might explode… oh, that was actually a different story from the SF idea (If the past you and present you met, the world would explode, right?)  !

Recently I asked a few questions regarding the subject, then I was told like this:

I think you have met yourself (of Shamballa) in the physical world before. Don’t you remember it? That’s why it should be no problem.

– by Shamballa medical team (March 17th, 2017)

Really?! hmmmmm, my memory (as equal to my sense abilities) is really a crap!! Unfortunately, since my physical body is shared by a couple of souls, my memories are really fragmentary (I do not have a multiple personality disorder though). I wish I could re-collect such memories, but in any case, meeting myself seems no problem in this world 🙂

You may have met yourself (in different shape) or a friend from Shamballa.

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