Benefit – 1

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having an exciting weekend 🙂 It’s a normal day in Shamballa (still pretty cold in Winter), and I am currently sitting on my nice sofa with having a beautiful cup green tea… relaxing ♪


[The image is borrowed from this page]

I was talking to my adviser the other day about the benefit living a double-life with the physical & astral bodies. Actually, I have written about it a few places in this blog but I do it again since I have been really realizing more clearly than before.

Personalities and strong areas in many subjects (study, hobby and so on) are different between my physical body and astral body. You may think it’s strange to feel how I can identify myself such different personalities as the same “self.” Yes, I can. It is, well, both bodies are own-selves. When I focus on one (i.e. my physical body), I totally feel that is myself. At the same time, I truly feel myself when I am in Shamballa with my astral body.

My adviser told me that I have been living such double life style for a long time (without consciously recognizing – like when you sleep, you are in Shamballa and when you wake up, you can only focus on the physical world) that makes me feel so natural to recognize myself having two different bodies with different personalities. Many people who are consciously trying to access Shanballa often feel the astral bodies as their friends, second personnel or children (They often call their astral bodies as “my child in Shamballa”).

So, when you (the readers) try to access Shamballa consciously, you may find yourself with totally different look & age setting which makes you feel he/she is a different person.

Oh, it’s almost my bedtime there (in Shamballa). I will talk this more next time. Have a great dream…. you may see me in Shamballa 🙂

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