Flowers of the month (March, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. It is March… yes, time goes so fast! Especially when I spend my time in Shamballa, it is almost too crazy to think how fast the time in this physical world.

Well, anyways, let’s check out the flower of March, 2017 at Shamballa School 🙂


March is an official “spring” month, and I really love using daffodils/narcissus which are the birth month flowers for both UK & US. Plus, one of my favorite spring flowers, tulip (which is also a March flower in Japan) is definitely featured here as well:

[All images are found & borrowed from Pinterest]

I use pink-ish orange tulips in this time. As for Daffodils, there are three (3) kinds I would love to feature here: white papers, pink & yellow daffodils.

They are going be situated… actually I do a container gardening style using the Easter themed nest-like rattan basket (about 3 feet in diameter – yes, it’s big!):

Orange tulips are tall enough to be the center piece and surrounded by the yellow & pink daffodils (more yellows than pink ones).  The white paper (narcissus) are all over the place around the edge of basket like Spring fairies.

I add this really cute pussy willows to this spring basket as well:

Could you imagine the Spring basket? I have not added any “egg” there, but I am sure some of the students will put a few 🙂

I know there are so many places still freezing and feeling like a middle of Winter (actually, it is the case in Shamballa too), but I hope you all feel & smell a tiny bit of the Spring essence from this arrangement ♪

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