Take a deep breath

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are ready for the weekend (already?!) ♪

I have been really sleepy (did I say this last time?!) …well, I even asked the question to Shamballa recently:

Q. Even though I try to sleep enough hours everyday, I really get sleepy after my work has done (about a few hours of deep focus). I just can’t do well without a nap time. I almost feel like “I sleep too much,” but why do you think I have this situation?

A. You might have a light apnea syndrome. When you really focus on your work during the daytime (job), you tend to get the syndrome without noticing it. There are actually many people who have this issue. This means that not enough oxygen reach your brain (which make you feel sleepy). We highly recommend you to take a deep breath during & after work.

By the way, when your astral body is active, your physical body gets sleepy, and if your physical body becomes really active, then your astral body gets really sleepy.

– personal question 1 : my recent sleeping behavior (February 23rd, 2017)

Hmmmmm, an apnea syndrome?! No way!! Well, in fact, I have heard my subconsciousness telling me “take a deep breathe, take a deep breathe” several times before. Well, we should all listen very carefully to what your true consciousness telling us, right (It usually shows you by frequent sign of words or things like images and/or sounds)?

I also totally understand that everytime I, in Shamballa would like to work/have fun around there, my physical body gets really tired and sleepy… we just can’t keep up the two bodies at the same time.

In any case, I would love to sleep in this weekend (again♪) !

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