Taking a rest…

Hi, this is Shire. Did you all have a sweet Valentine’s Day? I was too busy both in the real world and Shamballa to really feel the day.

There was rather a big party at the salon in Shamballa on the 13~14th. Many students of Shamballa School who have been experiencing the double lives (in the real and Shamballa) participated and brought a lot of sweets, drinks and good foods. Staff members in Shamballa seemed really excited and enjoyed the gathering and the food extravaganza, of course 🙂


I too enjoyed the atmosphere and excitement, but I was really tired at the same time. My physical body seemed tired as well so that I needed to take a day-off from work (not just because of my activity in Shamballa though).

You suppose to decide which body (from physical, astral or mental bodies) becomes your main. The world will circle around your chosen body as the center. If you think the body in Shamballa seems to do more interesting job/life, then your physical body can just have an ordinary life.

–  by Shamballa medical team (November 5th, 2016)

I am not good at balancing my bodies yet. I tend to spend lots of energies at the same time in both worlds. Well, it’s time for me to take a good rest…

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