Take a deep breath

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are ready for the weekend (already?!) ♪ I have been really sleepy (did I say this last time?!) ...well, I even asked the question to Shamballa recently: Q. Even though I try to sleep enough hours everyday, I really get sleepy after my work has done (about a... Continue Reading →

No comparison

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a lovely time on this weekend ♪ I am getting ready for my live show (in the real world, hee-hee) tonight! It should be fun 🙂 I usually do not check out what people do, wear, make how much money...type of things. I used to do... Continue Reading →

Taking a rest…

Hi, this is Shire. Did you all have a sweet Valentine's Day? I was too busy both in the real world and Shamballa to really feel the day. There was rather a big party at the salon in Shamballa on the 13~14th. Many students of Shamballa School who have been experiencing the double lives (in... Continue Reading →

Time Feeling

Hi, this Shire. I hope you are doing great today ♪ As I mentioned on this entry before, Shamballa time is about 4~5 times longer than the real/physical world. When I started accessing Shamballa a few years ago, I thought I would be able to spend sooo much time for whatever I would love to... Continue Reading →

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