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Take a deep breath

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are ready for the weekend (already?!) ♪

I have been really sleepy (did I say this last time?!) …well, I even asked the question to Shamballa recently:

Q. Even though I try to sleep enough hours everyday, I really get sleepy after my work has done (about a few hours of deep focus). I just can’t do well without a nap time. I almost feel like “I sleep too much,” but why do you think I have this situation?

A. You might have a light apnea syndrome. When you really focus on your work during the daytime (job), you tend to get the syndrome without noticing it. There are actually many people who have this issue. This means that not enough oxygen reach your brain (which make you feel sleepy). We highly recommend you to take a deep breath during & after work.

By the way, when your astral body is active, your physical body gets sleepy, and if your physical body becomes really active, then your astral body gets really sleepy.

– personal question 1 : my recent sleeping behavior (February 23rd, 2017)

Hmmmmm, an apnea syndrome?! No way!! Well, in fact, I have heard my subconsciousness telling me “take a deep breathe, take a deep breathe” several times before. Well, we should all listen very carefully to what your true consciousness telling us, right (It usually shows you by frequent sign of words or things like images and/or sounds)?

I also totally understand that everytime I, in Shamballa would like to work/have fun around there, my physical body gets really tired and sleepy… we just can’t keep up the two bodies at the same time.

In any case, I would love to sleep in this weekend (again♪) !

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No comparison

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a lovely time on this weekend ♪ I am getting ready for my live show (in the real world, hee-hee) tonight! It should be fun 🙂

I usually do not check out what people do, wear, make how much money…type of things.

I used to do it though. I thought it would be very important to know where/which level I am standing in the current society I belong to. The comparison is the only way we, humans can understand ourselves… that is what I had been taught and believing for a long time.

Since I started consciously living in both Shamballa and the real world, I totally stopped checking out what other people were doing, eating, wearing, having fun with, etc. I am not interested in or do not care what other people do physically (movie titles, trendy items, hit music, popular restaurants and so on).

I am more interested in what “I feel” about things I see, hear, wear, eat, listen… yes, checking myself out more carefully.

At the same time, I am still definitely curious to see what other people feel & react about certain things. I just do not rely on the opinions anymore. I would like to see and listen, that’s all. I just enjoy different values which are also called frequencies.

As I go with the flow….

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Taking a rest…

Hi, this is Shire. Did you all have a sweet Valentine’s Day? I was too busy both in the real world and Shamballa to really feel the day.

There was rather a big party at the salon in Shamballa on the 13~14th. Many students of Shamballa School who have been experiencing the double lives (in the real and Shamballa) participated and brought a lot of sweets, drinks and good foods. Staff members in Shamballa seemed really excited and enjoyed the gathering and the food extravaganza, of course 🙂


I too enjoyed the atmosphere and excitement, but I was really tired at the same time. My physical body seemed tired as well so that I needed to take a day-off from work (not just because of my activity in Shamballa though).

You suppose to decide which body (from physical, astral or mental bodies) becomes your main. The world will circle around your chosen body as the center. If you think the body in Shamballa seems to do more interesting job/life, then your physical body can just have an ordinary life.

–  by Shamballa medical team (November 5th, 2016)

I am not good at balancing my bodies yet. I tend to spend lots of energies at the same time in both worlds. Well, it’s time for me to take a good rest…

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Time Feeling

Hi, this Shire. I hope you are doing great today ♪

As I mentioned on this entry before, Shamballa time is about 4~5 times longer than the real/physical world. When I started accessing Shamballa a few years ago, I thought I would be able to spend sooo much time for whatever I would love to do since there are way more time there than the real world!

Then, what I feel nowadays is like this, “Wow! It’s already 7pm?!” “No!! I have to do that thing now~!”… this sounds too much like myself in the real world!! What’s going on with me?!

What A-team (in Shamballa) used to tell us is,

When people really focus on some things, the passage of time starts sifting since the mentality becomes more centered with the astral body (rather than the physical body). A day in the physical world still counts as one day (with your physical body), but the actual time gets much faster when you really focus on things. That time never gets disappeared, but it definitely shift from the physical world.

You do not get old either since the passage of your cell-time gets much slower which synchronizes your time with the astral body.

From A-1: Time to be absorbed (February 16th, 2015)

Hmmm, so, I guess the time passage is really a relative thing which depends on how you spend/feel it. There is no “absolute” time (well, there is a measure for our reference) in the world everyone applies to (It actually exists but I am not going to talk about it in this time).

When I compare the time between Shamballa and the real world, there is definitely a big time difference. However, when I spend my time in Shamballa, my time feeling is pretty much the same as the real world. In fact, when I really focus on things I love doing (in the real world), I feel the time totally disappears (which A-team talks above)…

If I focus and spend lots of time in Shamballa, I may already be dead next time I realize in the real world, hahahahaha (sweating)!!

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Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are all doing fine with the new week has begun 🙂 I am a little sleepy now though.

In Shamballa, we have been taking an interesting course regarding your own life mission which is the blog entry title today “Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪”

This is a 4-lecture series which both physical and astral bodies take at the same time by the teachers (mainly priests) in Shamballa.

We all suppose to have our own life missions and talents which our souls desire. Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten since we have been totally deluded by the living environment, society and people surrounding us. Well, this has been said so many places I believe, but why can’t we do something? Why are we still running & circling around the same place over and over?

I’m not sure how you feel like living in this world, but I really feel fortunate to identify my own mission now through the course.

If you are ever interested, please check out the below course link. They may change your visions and ways of thinking.

* The First Session : “To Identify Own Life Mission
* The Second Session : “To Identify Own Talent

I hope you will enjoy taking this little adventure ♪