Dinner & Talk

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a good & relaxing time in this weekend♪

I am having a dinner with my friends in Shamballa now (while my physical body is typing this diary). As I wrote here before, I usually have a really great meal there but I can’t eat that much unfortunately. I am too skinny there to eat all of them. I (in the real world) wish I could just switch and eat them all!! (It sounds really strange but myself here and there are really opposite in many cases and yet I feel pretty much the same…hmmm, it still sounds strange, doesn’t it?).

Anyways, one of my favorite dishes tonight is an arugula salad with shrimps which I have not tried yet in my real life (I really love arugula though!). It has really nice texture and light vinaigrette taste…yummy♡

cropped-saladecrevette2web1.jpg[The image borrowed from the blog here]

While I am eating it there in Shamballa, I am searching for a similar dish in the real world. OK, here it is! I have found the pretty similar salad & its recipe in this blog.

It is always fun to talk with friends at the dinner time. They definitely have different, unique and somewhat advanced ideas than what we, in the real world have. It reminds me of many things I used to think of when I was a child (which the environment & education made me think differently later).

What I really wanted to do and/or think…. it is so exciting to find out again through the conversation, and that’s one of my really important reasons why I try to access Shamballa.

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