Song Project and beyond

Hi, This is Shire. I hope you are having a refreshing new days in the new year 2017♪

Many of you remember that I have posted about “Let’s All Sing Together” project last year.   It is a project that we, people all over the world (and beyond) sing a song or two together at the same day & same time. It has been showing many interesting phenomenon/miracles.

Here is the message from Shamballa regarding the song project. I would love to share this with you all.

Hopefully, you will join us this year’s singing time 🙂

A Happy New Year!
We hope you all will stay with us for this year, 2017.

It had been going on with the word “P” link throughout the last year… Panama Papers, the Olympics, Trump, TPP, PPAP, the famous idol group in Japan SMAP has broken up, lol. I bet there should have been more than these.

So, which alphabet will be the center piece for this year? Next to the P should be….. Q? Well, it should not be that simple, right (lol)?

Anyways, thank you very much for those of you who participated twice in the song project last week. Here is the questions from a participant which we would like to answer & share with you all.


Hello, B-team 🙂

Q1. We sang a song and talked to Earth at the song project on November 29th, December 24th and December 30th.

Did you get the data for each day? Could we make something good for Earth? Please let me know.

A.   First of all, the session number on this blog was 622 on the 24th and 476 on the 30th. The access number on Ameba blog was 2,423 on the 24th and 649 on the 30th. These numbers are not the actual user/visitor #s so that we assume it contains some overlaps. But this is basically what we’ve got for this year (2016). It had definitely increased on the particular days but much less than the previous year. That’s fine. We had been focusing on the grounding in this time. Let’s proceed to the next stage with the result sincerely.

Now, there is the flow on Earth which causes more Wars. If you enter the dimension, it will definitely happen. However, if your frequency rises, you will be away from the dimension. The bombing raid becomes a large scale fire instead if you swerve from the dimension.

Then, what is the (rising) frequency in this case? Does this suggest tens of thousands of people all the sudden become really wise and get excited to talk about politics? No, not at all. It can be calculated by the ratio of sympathized frequencies. For example, it is determined by how many people have sympathized with the song project. How high & large will it be spread out by you all? We are really looking forward to the change of numbers. It will take time to influence Earth, but it speeds up the recovery of nature. You should keep your eyes on it, lol.

Q2. Are we all going to sing with people all over the world again in December, 2017?

A.   Yes. We are planning to do it till the year 2019. Of course, we want you guys to decide whether or not this makes more a regular event. We take this project as a part of an important job so that it will be going till the year after next year (2019).

We have the thing we would like to establish by the year 2020. We are going to spread the word out and make this a well-known project.

Q3. In 2016, the (monthly) song project had held by students of Shamballa School which s-n was the center piece.

I assume the monthly project in 2017 will also be based on the students. Am I correct?

A.   Miss s-n?? Well, we in Shamballa directly conduct the project only for the one on December 24th. Other than that, you suppose to make a plan and we just support it behind the scene.

It seems that we all proceed toward the way (Shamballa becomes) open to public, we would like to make your wishes like “I would like to see a rainbow!” “I wan to see the changes by iridescent clouds!!” come true as much as possible.

Q4. There was the wide-angle dimensional movement in September, 2016. Did we make it to a better direction by the monthly song project?

A.   Yes, history can be changed by people who are gathered together. At least it makes the outbreak of war keep delaying for sure. We continue to support it and eventually call it off which is a scheme in Shamballa.

Q5. I am not quite sure how we, people on Earth can specifically influence by singing a song and talking to the planet.

I believe this can be a motivation towards to the future song project, so please explain scientific side of the effect by the song project and what we can do with it. Thank you very much for your time ^ ^

A.   Well then… when you call an UFO, you (about 10 people) gather and form a circle. Then everyone recites “UFO, UFO, please come here for us”…. right? (lol) Yeah, they of course come to you since they (ET) are full of curiosity, lol!

In fact, people have been doing a thing/event/ritual which several people gathered and performed at once as an effective way since a long time ago. People offered prayers to Greek Gods at the Greek Olympics which was pretty much the same. There is a sign that the remains like Stonehenge used to do the same kind of things (rituals). It is almost the same way as nowadays.

What is the effect then? It depends on the purpose of the prayers. So, what we can say is that you should do it (the song project) with the mind of purpose if you would like to stop the war. You should aim at proceeding to the good dimension. We can lighten the burden on Earth so that she can take years off her age at once. You may not be able to ring a bell by the notion “Earth taking years off”, but Earth also gets old. Before you all talk about anti-aging stuff on your skin, let’s make our Earth young again!

Thank you very much for your questions.


So, this is the first week of January which Japanese people are all busy with “Sho-gatsu” and many of you can access the blog only from the cell phones since you are in a countryside, yes? That is why we have decided to go with a heeeaaaavyyy content in this week. We can say & do whatever we want since the PS should be off during the Sho-gatsu (holidays), lol, lol!!

Please submit your questions regarding Wars and Japanese (people). I was going to do an economic content but Beth was not interested in that, lol. But you can still try to submit questions regarding the content to check out her lack of vocabulary. Please avoid too many specific terms and use simple words otherwise she may be pissed off. There is no economy which has no link to a war. An economy rises up at first and then it brings a war. If you would like to know the view in Shamballa, please ask us.

Please stay with us in this week.


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