They can hear me singing (in my mind).

Hi, this is Shire♪ I hope you are staying nice & cozy (I actually am right now in my cozy bed).

First of all, we will have the practice run for “Let’s all sing together 2016” on December 17th, 2016 at 11am (GMT), 8pm (JST), 6am (EST). I will of course sing both in Shamballa and the real.

You don’t have to go anywhere, just sing “Happy Xmas” and “We are the World” together with us 🙂

Here is one beautiful & great page for you to check out to learn all about the exciting yet super easy event♪ I am looking forward to gathering all our sweet voices together!

I often sing in the both worlds. In the real world, I do take a voice lesson and sing some harmony parts in several musical activities/bands. In Shamballa, I am the lead singer in a band and have done a few live shows.

When I sing in both worlds at the same time, my voice seems to be stronger and create some magical effects (like dimensional operations). The song event “Let’s all sing together” supposes to create such effects in a larger scale.

By the way, when you sing or talk in your mind, people in Shamballa can actually hear them 🙂

Q. Can you guys in Shamballa (i.e. Astral world) actually hear whatever I (in the real world) think and/or talk in my mind?

A. We do not normally checking them out so closely all the time, but yes, your whatever voices (in your mind) are heard distinctly. However we usually ignore them since our frequencies will go down if we stick to them too much.

– answered by Shamballa C-3 team (April 15th, 2014)

I would love to keep delivering my sweet thoughts and voices to my sweet people there♪ Hey guys, can you hear me?


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