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Flowers of the month (January, 2017)


Hi, this is Shire. I post this entry for my Japanese friends (in their time) so that those of you who live in the most part of the real world are still on the edge of year 2016♪

Well, time difference is a pretty interesting & kinda mysterious thing, isn’t it? I know we all suppose to know the logic (we are all located different parts of the orbit which makes the time difference based on the rotation & revolution). But do you really think that is what’s going on? You actually never know until you experience it by yourself….we only believe what scientists say & show us the mathematical equations.

Anyways, I would love to introduce the beautiful flowers of this month at Shamballa School.


I continue “white & red” combinations in this month as well as the last month, December, 2016. It is the same color combo, but you actually see these flowers totally different way.

OK, for the “white” ones, I have picked these two: white tulips and snow peas.


[some images are borrowed from this page]

These 2 kinds of flowers both create a cute and clean atmosphere. The language of flower for sweet peas is “departure” which seems suitable for the new year. White tulip is a birthday flower for January 1st and snow pea is a birth month flower for January in Japan, by the way.

Then, I have added another January flower (which is the birth month flower in UK & US), carnations.

[images are borrowed from this page]

I chose really nicely deep red ones like gorgeous red roses. Well, the main theme of this carnation flower is “love.” Isn’t it really beautiful?

Here is some white & red flowers display ideas for your reference. In fact, I did arrange them like a dome style which has created really sparkling atmosphere.

[some images are borrowed from this page]

Would you be able to imagine what I have actually arranged at the Shamballa School? If you visit there (in your dream and/or your imagination), you will definitely be able to see the beautiful & sparkling flower arrangement.

At the same time, I know you have already seen it as you have read through this blog 🙂

Thank you very much for visiting my blog in Shamballa ♪ Hopefully, you will stay with me as we go with the flow.


Party night

Happy Holidays! This is Shire. I hope you are having a wonderful time of the year.

I just came back from a big party in Shamballa. It was like a Christmas type party except they do not seem to have Christmas there, haha. Instead, you may be able to get a chance to see Jesus…. may be, may be (smile).

I love the festive atmosphere. Even though my sense there is still dull and narrow, I can feel the excitement and gorgeousness. I can smell some really good food, sweet sparkling drinks and decorated flowers. Their sweets are always really amazing, and some drinks really help my real physical body getting relaxed and stronger.

We had a great time singing together and enjoyed some interesting conversations with people from all over the…. Universe 🙂

Now, I am a little tired and sitting on the comfortable sofa thinking of the fun time. I hope all you guys in this real world will have a wonderful holiday time without any fear.


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They can hear me singing (in my mind).

Hi, this is Shire♪ I hope you are staying nice & cozy (I actually am right now in my cozy bed).

First of all, we will have the practice run for “Let’s all sing together 2016” on December 17th, 2016 at 11am (GMT), 8pm (JST), 6am (EST). I will of course sing both in Shamballa and the real.

You don’t have to go anywhere, just sing “Happy Xmas” and “We are the World” together with us 🙂

Here is one beautiful & great page for you to check out to learn all about the exciting yet super easy event♪ I am looking forward to gathering all our sweet voices together!

I often sing in the both worlds. In the real world, I do take a voice lesson and sing some harmony parts in several musical activities/bands. In Shamballa, I am the lead singer in a band and have done a few live shows.

When I sing in both worlds at the same time, my voice seems to be stronger and create some magical effects (like dimensional operations). The song event “Let’s all sing together” supposes to create such effects in a larger scale.

By the way, when you sing or talk in your mind, people in Shamballa can actually hear them 🙂

Q. Can you guys in Shamballa (i.e. Astral world) actually hear whatever I (in the real world) think and/or talk in my mind?

A. We do not normally checking them out so closely all the time, but yes, your whatever voices (in your mind) are heard distinctly. However we usually ignore them since our frequencies will go down if we stick to them too much.

– answered by Shamballa C-3 team (April 15th, 2014)

I would love to keep delivering my sweet thoughts and voices to my sweet people there♪ Hey guys, can you hear me?


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Let’s all sing together 2016!

I joined this “song project” in December, 2014. This is my third time and getting more and more exciting 🙂

What is it? just SING

You can do it in your bed, at your favorite room, by yourself, with your loved ones, even do it in your mind or just humming through. All you need is to sing same songs at the same time with those of people who join the project in the world.

[Date & Time] December 24th, 2o16 8pm (JST), 11am (GMT)

*practice run: December 17th, 2016 8pm (JST), 11am (GMT)*

[Songs to sing] “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” & “We are the World”

Here is the page for you to look at: Let’s Sing Together 2016

Facebook page: Let’s all sing together 2016

I hope you will join us to enjoy singing together!!


Room full of roses

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing great today♪

I (in the physical world) had my birthday recently. I usually spend my birthday as a regular day… not really special one. But surprisingly I have received so many (almost overwhelming) BD messages this year via E-mails, phone calls, text messages, SNS messages, BD cards, etc.  Hmmm, what is going on? It makes me feel a little strange… well, I am not anti-social but I really didn’t expect that many voices celebrating “my” birthday. Well, I really thank to all you guys for sending me your sweet energies.

Meanwhile, my sweet people in Shamballa also celebrated my BD (even though that is not really the BD for myself in Shamballa) with full of surprises.

Here is one really memorable & imaginable scene:

My bedroom has been filled with this beautiful pink roses called “Margaret”…. yes, that is my middle name.


It was, no, it is amazing to see and feel the fragrance so deeply even with my dull sense!  Again, I normally do not celebrate occasion like this, but it does really make me feel the special time.

I guess the day like this to celebrate your own beautiful relationship with friends, family and special someone.

I am more than just happy to have such connections in both worlds.