Flowers of the month (December, 2016)

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well with this busy time of the year♪

Wow! Is this really December? already?? I said “time really flies” last month, and it was truly gone away in an instant. I know I have done and thought many things both in the real world and Shamballa. I have been feeling more and more comfortable being “myself” in both worlds. Oh well, I can talk more about this some other time 🙂

Anyways, let’s get going with the beautiful flowers of this month at Shamballa School.


December is the festival time: The end of year, Winter solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, and so on. We in Shamballa do not seem to have religious celebration but still love to use certain flowers to make all of us feel the time of year (actually, Shamballa has totally different time cycle though).


Yes, the poinsettia flowers. I like different colors of poinsettia besides famous red ones. In this time, I arrange them along with the edge of flower vase like 2-layed dress: red ones for the first layer and the white with occasional pink for the second layer.

[image borrowed from this blog page]

The actual arrangement is way bigger (lager) scale than this image, but the layered arrangement almost looks like this.

From the edge to the top, I use the combination of following flowers and branches: red & white roses, winter berry (Ilex berry) and branches of fir tree.They should look tall and neatly arranged which is not too spread out like a half-dome.


The rose stems have different length which create multi-level atmosphere. Since I try to create a vertical arrangement (instead of a half-dome style), the different stem length definitely helps to show each (pretty) face of rose flowers.

Then, winterberry & fir branches are also arranged vertically between roses. In the real world, most of fir branches (long ones especially) cannot stand straight like this image:


However, I can alter the idea in Shamballa which I do use long and straight fir branches (instead of other pine branches) 🙂

Here is one image example of winter berry & roses (the image borrowed from Pinterest page):


Although this is more of the half-dome style, this arrangement uses the same flowers and creates a little similar atmosphere. You can imagine adding the long strait fir branches + white roses to this with more vertical style.

An example of vertical floral arrangements is here (the image borrowed from Pinterest page):


What I am actually doing is between this and the one above… not too skinny but not too spread out (like a skinnier Christmas tree?…hehe).

The flower vase is a clear, tall, layered cylinder shaped crystal. “layered” means like this (image borrowed from this blog page):


Why am I doing this? Because I want to put silver & gold balls in there almost like this:


In addition to this large main piece, I place this small arrangement (2 of this) right next to it:


This is a combination of Christmas roses and small branches of winter berry. The flower vase (looks like a neon ball for a Christmas tree!) is about the size of a basketball. Two of this arrangement are set side by side of the center piece.

Would you be able to imagine what they all look together like? I hope you can feel the seasonal festive atmosphere!!

(Almost) Happy Holidays 🙂

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