Good condition

I almost had no problem accessing Shamballa, but there were a few times I could not be there before.

Q. Could you please let us know some examples (physical & mental conditions) when we can’t access our rooms in Shamballa?

A. You have to have a good condition both in physical & mental whenever you can access Shamballa, so your immune system may be slightly down when you have difficult time to do so.

– “Having difficulty in accessing Shamballa” answered by Shamballa A-team (September 27th, 2014)

When I started accessing Shamballa, I tried really hard to focus on what I could see especially I wanted to see my advisor and myself in a mirror.

Usually, our optic nerves (of Astral body) are like newborn baby when we start accessing there. It is not actually just optic nerves but the whole five senses. So, it takes time to get used to be.

But I wanted to expedite the whole process as quick as possible so that I had tried staying focus as much as I could…. then, I have got really tired and started having headaches.

Once you feel really tired and/or having headaches, you should stop accessing there for at least three (3) days. I did it once, and then I became way more comfortable being there and having a normal life in the real world as well.

Besides this, there are occasions you can’t access there such as being really low frequencies. When you have lots of negative energies in you (disliking someone, regretting what you have done, etc.), you are not able to access there either.

In order to enjoy your double life between Shamballa and the physical world, you have to have a healthy real life which keeps your frequencies in a good balance.

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