Quiet night

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

My real (physical body) life has been pretty busy lately so that I was not able to find a good time to write this diary.

Now it’s around midnight in Shamballa. I was taking a good, long bath with a few candle lights around the bathtub. It looks pretty match the same with what we normally know of in the real world.

People in the real world can’t see them with their own eyes. Why? Because they are made of an Astral electricity which have the unique frequencies.

For example, some people can see ghosts which are mostly astral electricity since their eyes somehow happen to match (= can tune to) the frequency. Many UFOs have pretty much the same case (They are made of different frequencies).

Diamond is actually made of inorganic Mental electricity.

Let’s imagine you are sitting on a bench in a zoo and have a diamond on your palm.

If the whole scene moves to the world of Astral electricity, you would look very blurred while the bench and cages (for animals) should be disappeared. The animals (in the zoo) are still there but they should look like fireballs. The diamond would not change how it looks.

Then, the scene elevates/moves to the world of Mental electricity, the animals are gone by then. You become a fireball as your soul shape, yet the diamond looks the same. A desk in Shamballa which is made of the inorganic Mental electricity finally appears.

– by Shamballa B-team (August 16th, 2014)

So, the candle lights I am looking right now in Shamballa are only visible there unless your physical eyes can tune to the frequencies. That is a reason why people tend to think of the things as delusions which their physical eyes just cannot catch. That’s all.

It is funny since we all admit there are so many things our eyes cannot catch but they actually exist while ghosts, UFOs and Astral worlds are considered delusions.

In any case, I enjoy the really quiet & relaxing night.

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