Reading books

Hi, this is Shire! I hope you are having a lovely day♪

There are a lot of great books in Shamballa which are not only published there but also books from Mars, Venus, etc. What?! books from Mars? Venus?? …yes, there are many of them. My vision in Shamballa is still pretty vague so that I can’t see much, but there is a great way to read such books 🙂

You can read them via a decoder and/or some of you may have already been experiencing the tracing sentences by fingers.

– answered by Shamballa D-team (August 26th, 2015)


So, we should be able to read books in Shamballa by putting your finger(s) on the sentences and tracing them. You suppose to understand (= read) what it is. It does not matter what language they are written since the information is directly translated and processed in your brain.

I did try to read a history book before and some the “I have never heard before” information came up in my brain. Of course it can be pretty silly delusions, but it’s also too detailed & complicated to make up fully in my mind.

May be I should try to be a fiction (lol) writer, hee-hee!

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