My sweet guys

I have really great friends in Shamballa. They always support me and give me a great advise when I need it.

Whoever tries to keep accessing Shamballa will eventually meet his/her “advisor.”

I recognized my advisor probably a few months after I started accessing there. He is very good looking (Everyone in Shamballa is beautiful anyways) and earnest. I thought he was really young (like 17~18 years old), but recently it was revealed that he is actually 30 years old which is only a little bit younger than myself in Shamballa.

Answering your own questions actually means that you are talking with your advisor.

– by Shamballa dimensional-operation team (March 18th, 2016)

At first I thought I (my consciousness in the real world) was just talking all by myself too, but I totally realized that I was talking with him when I’ve got answers I would never think of. Since then, my telepathic conversations with him and other friends have gotten more and more interesting.

They are not just good friend there, but they are also watching over myself in the real world 🙂

I always feel them and see many signs by them, and my life in the real world has become pretty fun and exciting as well!! Yes, good influences travel through the dimensions. That is one big & good purpose for us to have double lives.

I am very happy & lucky to have such great friends around me♡

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