I used to be really interested in connecting my higher-self (wikipedia). I was told that he/she supposes to know everything about myself and true myself. Hmmm, is that my subconsciousness?

Anyways, I tried to take a few reading sessions with some clairvoyants before and heard many things… which most of them have become the things I already knew, hahaha. I believe because I have been connecting better with my higher-self than before.

Higher-self is usually hiding in your really really deep area of subconsciousness.

When you normally see/hear it in like a hypnotic state, that higher-self is mostly your astral body or mental body.

True higher-self does not appear normally even in your dream.

– by Shamballa School faculty team (August 6th, 2015)

I have always seen the same “person (higher-self I have believed)” in the real world and Shamballa. Especially in Shamballa, you can actually sit down and talk with your higher-self like your friend. With your advisor in Shamballa, your higher-self can be truly a great supporter.

A few years ago, I (in the real world) saw the vision of my higher-self and confirmed it by a few different clairvoyants (they all saw the same person/figure). It was a beautiful lady with a blond-ish long hair. That was the higher-self I had been seeing in Shamballa as well. Then, soon I realized “she” is actually my mental body which what mentioned above (by Shamballa School faculty) was absolutely correct.

In any case, I really enjoy having a conversation with the lady (my mental body) in Shamballa ♪


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