Long night with a glass of wine

Hi, this is Shire! I hope you will have a great weekend 🙂

I am having a late night drink with friends right now. The night in Shamballa is pretty long. As I said before, Shamballa time is about 4 or 5 times longer than the real world which means the night time continues for about 2 days (in the real world). Because of that (there are other reasons as well though), people in Shamballa do not seem to sleep long time.

Some of them work really hard at night. Some of them take a short nap in the late afternoon and enjoy night time entertainments. Their life style seems more flexible than people in the real world.

Anyways, I am having a glass of red wine. I am not so strong with any alcohol, but I really enjoy the flavor. Moreover, I love chatting with friends. Unfortunately, I am not so good at focusing on the long conversation (my focus can stay up till about an hour which is only 15 minutes in Shamballa!!), but I try to catch a few good ideas everytime I talk with them.

When my physical body sleeps, my subconsciousness will take over and definitely do a much better job… well, my friends tell me they enjoy my funny side (= consciousness) more, hahaha!

Wine & talk at night… one thing I really enjoy a lot in Shamballa♡


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