Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a good day♪

My physical body is actually not doing so well right now since I had a turkey sandwich at lunch. Well, I have been eating less and less meat (beef, chicken, pork, etc.), but once a while, I tried and failed 😦

I used to eat everything in the real world (I was far away from the vegetarian world). But suddenly, my body has stopped accepting meat since 3, 4 years ago. I literally get sick after eating a chunk of meat. I occasionally eat them a bit (more social thing), and I am usually fine. However, a turkey sandwich is no longer “OK” for me, I guess….


When I was a child (in the real world), I was told to eat everything in balance to get the proper nutrition. It means that a vegetarian is not healthy at all in the mind of my parents. The last 3, 4 years (since I stopped eating meat), I have not gotten any sickness, any medication, any supplement and have been super healthy.

There are people who historically eating more meat and less/no meat. I thought it was because of the environment (meat was the only nutrition they could get), but it was not only that. Some of them have gotten into and been staying such “dimension.”

They need the energy to spin the cells (which becomes the mobility for them to move forward in order to go over the timeline).

It has a definite limitation by intaking vegetables only.

Especially if you are in the dimension where The Western (Euro-US) culture has been the center, you can’t move forward the timeline without eating meat. That is why most Japanese now become meat eaters (they used to be vegetarians).

Yes, you can change/operate dimensions by what you eat.

In fact, you have deserved such energies since you entered the dimension (meat eaters).

– answered by Shamballa medical team (April 30th, 2015)

It means that you do not really need the energy if you are not in the dimension. In other words, you can have different ways/energies to move forward anyways without eating meat.

I believe I am in such area/dimension myself now. That is why I am super healthy without eating meat and I get sick by eating it. Occasionally I try to eat it because of more nostalgia for my past than the appetite, I guess….

By the way, no one in Shamballa eats meat.


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