Good care – 2

I slowly realized that my health in Shamballa might be way more delicate than I imagined since everyone around me there kept telling me “don’t push hard” “get some rest” all the time. Well, it never happened to me in the real world by the way, lol.

My advisors and teachers are especially worried about me which becomes a huge concern for me. Why am I so weak here in Shamballa?!

Good health in Shamballa = Sleepy or delicate health in the real world

This is a pretty typical case. Your energy tends to go more towards to the main body. You can’t really control it evenly. All you can do is to decide which body is going to be your main.

After all, you have to decide where you use your (limited) energy for. All your bodies (physical, astral, mental so forth) are basically ran by your own energy.

It seems that all these bodies are independent which live separately such as double & triple lives. However, you are the one who decide which body becomes your “main.” The world supposes to circle around your main body as axis.

If you think your body in Shamballa has more interesting job, then you can live pretty ordinarily in the real world. You are not a super human. You can choose your body by how fun the life (with the particular body) seems to be.

If you save your physical body, your body in Shamballa will start moving more actively.

– answered by Shamballa medical team (November 5th, 2016)

Oh my God…. I did not know this for a long time (check out the above date!). Man, I just can’t choose one or the other!! I really enjoy both bodies and lives. I have really interesting stuff going on in the real world and I also have pretty interesting projects happening in Shamballa.

Although my physical senses (seeing & hearing – 5 senses) in Shamballa are still very very weak (like a newborn), I really enjoy being there and want to be healthier and stronger. I just noticed in fact that my physical body was really sleepy last a couple of days while I (in Shamballa) was visiting some festivals and being more active than usual. It now makes sense…

Hmmmmm, now I would like to figure out how I can be a super human, lol. Meanwhile, I try to tell my subconsciousness to well conduct my both (at this point, I ignore my mental body, hee-hee) bodies.


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