Good care – 1

I am not so strong in Shamballa. In other words, I am in pretty delicate health there.

I didn’t know about it for a while since I am pretty healthy and really strong in the real world. I don’t take any medication, and I haven’t got sick (even a cold) at all for at least 3 or 4 years.

When I played a basketball with my friends in Shamballa (almost 2 years ago), somehow I needed to sleep extra hours in the real world. In fact, I was told afterwards that I got a really sick in Shamballa (had a fever).

I also fainted a few times. I still remember at the first time it happened… it was after a tour at Shamballa School which I was introducing and guiding various facilities inside to many students. The tour was held both in the real world and Shamballa which the participants from different areas of the real world were all chatting while their astral (emotional) bodies were walking around the School. It was definitely a fun event but it was probably a big burden to my body especially in Shamballa.

It was very strange feeling when it happened. All the sudden, my vision (I usually sense the images in Shamballa by my third eye) turned up-side-down and got black out. I (in the real world) was really surprised and wondering what on earth happened to me. The next thing I realized that I was laid on my sofa in my living room in Shamballa. My advisor told me that I fainted.

Even it happened a few times, I was yet not sure why it happened to me. I thought I was just tired.

Oh, actually it is my bed time (both in the real world & Shamballa)! I will talk about this later. I hope you all have a great night sleep…. I may see you in Shamballa ♪

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