Frequency – 3

What do you think the best way to stabilize your frequency is? Meditation? Deep breath? Zen? some kind of Sports? Yoga?

Actually, waking up at the same time everyday, it is.


The reason is relating to a dimension.

You all believe the 24-hours are always same (place)….yesterday, today and tomorrow, don’t you?

However, “days” in your world actually move in spiral.

You tend to misunderstand about this since you usually think time moves in a straight-line.

In fact, it moves in spiral within dimensions.

Therefore, when you wake up at the same time, you will be at a really slightly different dimension each day.

This stimulates your immediate next dimension everyday.

For example, some annual rituals (at the places like old Shinto shrines in Japan) have exact same (strict) movements every year. This is a long-term stimulation for the spiral over a year.

If you keep waking up at the same time which means that you keep stimulating dimensions, “the core” will appear eventually.

The core can stop severe changes in dimensions.

Monks, militaries and even at many prisons do the same manner which suppress the fluctuations not only in dimensions but also in mental conditions.

– answered by Shamballa A-team (December 28th, 2014)

So, if we keep waking up at the same time everyday, the core will appear in a spiral which stops all our up & down changes in dimensions as well as mental conditions. That really means we stabilize our frequencies.

It seems a pretty simple thing… but I admit I am not good at that at all! Because I love sleeping late on weekends both in the real world and Shamballa…

I guess I still have a looooong way to be a really stable & high frequency person (lol).

(There is an alternative way: to have a hobby and/or something you can totally be intent on — That might be easier for me♡)


Thanks a lot for reading this “frequency” series. I may come back to talk more about it in near future. Now, I am going to have a breakfast in Shamballa 🙂




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