Frequency – 1

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time (by Wikipedia).

Since I started accessing Shamballa, I have been using this word “frequency” more often. People in Shamballa use it a lot to describe how things existing certain area of the world/dimensions. It is pretty similar to the word”vibes” which we often use it to describe how one thing (person) being situated… good or bad, high or low, like that.

About Frequency (December 18th, 2015)

What we say “frequency” is actually one for your astral (emotional) body.

Let’s see, please imagine someone you really don’t like right now.

….. what you are now is “lowering your frequency” state.

OK, now, let’s imagine someone you really like.

….. see? that is how your frequency is raising.

This also changes your aura color easily.

In Shamballa, all we normally do is just measuring your frequencies (with the grateful care).

Frequency actually affects your brain.

If you have really low frequency, the area where (the neurotransmitter) goes through the synapses gets really narrow so that your function of the hypophysis also goes down which makes you sick.

What determine your frequency high or low depends on the amount of synapses.

– by Shamballa seminar team.

So, Shamballa has a tool (machine?) to measure frequencies of our astral bodies. It is interesting to compare what current study regarding vibrational frequencies in the real world.

According to this note, low frequency does not seem a good thing. But it is not true. Most important thing is to stabilize your frequencies.

I will talk more about this later ♪

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