Flowers of the month (November, 2016)

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well ♪

The month of November has already started! It is amazing to think the year 2016 will end pretty soon. Especially when you stay in Shamballa, since the time difference is pretty big, the time in the real world REALLY FLIES (or even disappears).

Anyways, it is time for flowers of this month at Shamballa School.


In this month, I usually go with more Japanese style with beautiful colored maple leaves. If you have been there during this time, you totally understand the beauty of trees.


I especially like these yellow to orange to red gradations. The maple leaves in Japan are pretty small and sensitive/delicate shape comparing to those in Europe and Canada.

In order to make this really dramatic, I have decided to use this particular flower vase (actually much bigger in Shamballa than what’s on this image though):


This particular vase showing here as for your reference is a Kakiemon which you might have heard of…. one of Japanese premier & historical porcelain styles. This particular work is made by Sakaida Kakiemon XIV who was a National Living Treasure in Japan.

So, you can now imagine this (rather bigger edition of this) vase on the stand at the school lobby. The maple branches you see stretching from center to the left almost like this:


Then, at the center area, you can see unique branches with really pretty yellow & red seeds/nuts. It is called Oriental bittersweet (Tsuruumemodoki):

[Image borrowed from this blog page]


The branches suppose to spread around but it is not wildly. It is almost showing on and off between the maple branches (at the left side).

Then, towards to your right side, you will see these beautiful chrysanthemums:


It seems a big flower by this image, but I actually picked rather mid-sized shape around 4-inces. There are about 8 of them which some are still bud to start blooming and other are just about blooming (30% to 50%).

Can you imagine how it looks like now?

It is again a big-scale flower arrangement with Japanese “Ikebana” style. It describes a late-fall color and atmosphere (you may even feel the wind blowing around). Although Shamballa is pretty much in the middle of Winter, we create somewhat “real-world” feel (in the Northern hemisphere) at Shamballa School.

If you are not so familiar with Japanese flower arrangements, please check them out especially how cool they are to express the season and atmosphere.

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