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Flowers of the month (December, 2016)

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well with this busy time of the year♪

Wow! Is this really December? already?? I said “time really flies” last month, and it was truly gone away in an instant. I know I have done and thought many things both in the real world and Shamballa. I have been feeling more and more comfortable being “myself” in both worlds. Oh well, I can talk more about this some other time 🙂

Anyways, let’s get going with the beautiful flowers of this month at Shamballa School.


December is the festival time: The end of year, Winter solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, and so on. We in Shamballa do not seem to have religious celebration but still love to use certain flowers to make all of us feel the time of year (actually, Shamballa has totally different time cycle though).


Yes, the poinsettia flowers. I like different colors of poinsettia besides famous red ones. In this time, I arrange them along with the edge of flower vase like 2-layed dress: red ones for the first layer and the white with occasional pink for the second layer.

[image borrowed from this blog page]

The actual arrangement is way bigger (lager) scale than this image, but the layered arrangement almost looks like this.

From the edge to the top, I use the combination of following flowers and branches: red & white roses, winter berry (Ilex berry) and branches of fir tree.They should look tall and neatly arranged which is not too spread out like a half-dome.


The rose stems have different length which create multi-level atmosphere. Since I try to create a vertical arrangement (instead of a half-dome style), the different stem length definitely helps to show each (pretty) face of rose flowers.

Then, winterberry & fir branches are also arranged vertically between roses. In the real world, most of fir branches (long ones especially) cannot stand straight like this image:


However, I can alter the idea in Shamballa which I do use long and straight fir branches (instead of other pine branches) 🙂

Here is one image example of winter berry & roses (the image borrowed from Pinterest page):


Although this is more of the half-dome style, this arrangement uses the same flowers and creates a little similar atmosphere. You can imagine adding the long strait fir branches + white roses to this with more vertical style.

An example of vertical floral arrangements is here (the image borrowed from Pinterest page):


What I am actually doing is between this and the one above… not too skinny but not too spread out (like a skinnier Christmas tree?…hehe).

The flower vase is a clear, tall, layered cylinder shaped crystal. “layered” means like this (image borrowed from this blog page):


Why am I doing this? Because I want to put silver & gold balls in there almost like this:


In addition to this large main piece, I place this small arrangement (2 of this) right next to it:


This is a combination of Christmas roses and small branches of winter berry. The flower vase (looks like a neon ball for a Christmas tree!) is about the size of a basketball. Two of this arrangement are set side by side of the center piece.

Would you be able to imagine what they all look together like? I hope you can feel the seasonal festive atmosphere!!

(Almost) Happy Holidays 🙂

A team · Shamballa

Good condition

I almost had no problem accessing Shamballa, but there were a few times I could not be there before.

Q. Could you please let us know some examples (physical & mental conditions) when we can’t access our rooms in Shamballa?

A. You have to have a good condition both in physical & mental whenever you can access Shamballa, so your immune system may be slightly down when you have difficult time to do so.

– “Having difficulty in accessing Shamballa” answered by Shamballa A-team (September 27th, 2014)

When I started accessing Shamballa, I tried really hard to focus on what I could see especially I wanted to see my advisor and myself in a mirror.

Usually, our optic nerves (of Astral body) are like newborn baby when we start accessing there. It is not actually just optic nerves but the whole five senses. So, it takes time to get used to be.

But I wanted to expedite the whole process as quick as possible so that I had tried staying focus as much as I could…. then, I have got really tired and started having headaches.

Once you feel really tired and/or having headaches, you should stop accessing there for at least three (3) days. I did it once, and then I became way more comfortable being there and having a normal life in the real world as well.

Besides this, there are occasions you can’t access there such as being really low frequencies. When you have lots of negative energies in you (disliking someone, regretting what you have done, etc.), you are not able to access there either.

In order to enjoy your double life between Shamballa and the physical world, you have to have a healthy real life which keeps your frequencies in a good balance.

B team · Diary · Shamballa

Quiet night

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

My real (physical body) life has been pretty busy lately so that I was not able to find a good time to write this diary.

Now it’s around midnight in Shamballa. I was taking a good, long bath with a few candle lights around the bathtub. It looks pretty match the same with what we normally know of in the real world.

People in the real world can’t see them with their own eyes. Why? Because they are made of an Astral electricity which have the unique frequencies.

For example, some people can see ghosts which are mostly astral electricity since their eyes somehow happen to match (= can tune to) the frequency. Many UFOs have pretty much the same case (They are made of different frequencies).

Diamond is actually made of inorganic Mental electricity.

Let’s imagine you are sitting on a bench in a zoo and have a diamond on your palm.

If the whole scene moves to the world of Astral electricity, you would look very blurred while the bench and cages (for animals) should be disappeared. The animals (in the zoo) are still there but they should look like fireballs. The diamond would not change how it looks.

Then, the scene elevates/moves to the world of Mental electricity, the animals are gone by then. You become a fireball as your soul shape, yet the diamond looks the same. A desk in Shamballa which is made of the inorganic Mental electricity finally appears.

– by Shamballa B-team (August 16th, 2014)

So, the candle lights I am looking right now in Shamballa are only visible there unless your physical eyes can tune to the frequencies. That is a reason why people tend to think of the things as delusions which their physical eyes just cannot catch. That’s all.

It is funny since we all admit there are so many things our eyes cannot catch but they actually exist while ghosts, UFOs and Astral worlds are considered delusions.

In any case, I enjoy the really quiet & relaxing night.

Diary · Shamballa

Reading books

Hi, this is Shire! I hope you are having a lovely day♪

There are a lot of great books in Shamballa which are not only published there but also books from Mars, Venus, etc. What?! books from Mars? Venus?? …yes, there are many of them. My vision in Shamballa is still pretty vague so that I can’t see much, but there is a great way to read such books 🙂

You can read them via a decoder and/or some of you may have already been experiencing the tracing sentences by fingers.

– answered by Shamballa D-team (August 26th, 2015)


So, we should be able to read books in Shamballa by putting your finger(s) on the sentences and tracing them. You suppose to understand (= read) what it is. It does not matter what language they are written since the information is directly translated and processed in your brain.

I did try to read a history book before and some the “I have never heard before” information came up in my brain. Of course it can be pretty silly delusions, but it’s also too detailed & complicated to make up fully in my mind.

May be I should try to be a fiction (lol) writer, hee-hee!

Diary · dimensional-operation team · Shamballa

My sweet guys

I have really great friends in Shamballa. They always support me and give me a great advise when I need it.

Whoever tries to keep accessing Shamballa will eventually meet his/her “advisor.”

I recognized my advisor probably a few months after I started accessing there. He is very good looking (Everyone in Shamballa is beautiful anyways) and earnest. I thought he was really young (like 17~18 years old), but recently it was revealed that he is actually 30 years old which is only a little bit younger than myself in Shamballa.

Answering your own questions actually means that you are talking with your advisor.

– by Shamballa dimensional-operation team (March 18th, 2016)

At first I thought I (my consciousness in the real world) was just talking all by myself too, but I totally realized that I was talking with him when I’ve got answers I would never think of. Since then, my telepathic conversations with him and other friends have gotten more and more interesting.

They are not just good friend there, but they are also watching over myself in the real world 🙂

I always feel them and see many signs by them, and my life in the real world has become pretty fun and exciting as well!! Yes, good influences travel through the dimensions. That is one big & good purpose for us to have double lives.

I am very happy & lucky to have such great friends around me♡