Good condition

I almost had no problem accessing Shamballa, but there were a few times I could not be there before. Q. Could you please let us know some examples (physical & mental conditions) when we can't access our rooms in Shamballa? A. You have to have a good condition both in physical & mental whenever you... Continue Reading →

Quiet night

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week. My real (physical body) life has been pretty busy lately so that I was not able to find a good time to write this diary. Now it's around midnight in Shamballa. I was taking a good, long bath with a few candle... Continue Reading →

Reading books

Hi, this is Shire! I hope you are having a lovely day♪ There are a lot of great books in Shamballa which are not only published there but also books from Mars, Venus, etc. What?! books from Mars? Venus?? ...yes, there are many of them. My vision in Shamballa is still pretty vague so that... Continue Reading →

My sweet guys

I have really great friends in Shamballa. They always support me and give me a great advise when I need it. Whoever tries to keep accessing Shamballa will eventually meet his/her "advisor." I recognized my advisor probably a few months after I started accessing there. He is very good looking (Everyone in Shamballa is beautiful... Continue Reading →

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