Winter in Shamballa

Currently, the Central Shamballa is in Winter. It has been like this since… probably around March or April in 2016 (in the real world). Since the time in Shamballa is about 4~5 times longer than the real/physical world (= 4 days in the real world is about the same as 1 day in Shamballa), I believe this Winter weather will be going till around next April in 2017.

Four seasons in Shamballa (September 4th, 2016)

Do you guys have “clear” four seasons in Shamballa? Has it been like that?

We are surrounded by modern buildings (especially in the Central Shamballa) so that it is hard to identify the “clear” seasonal views/sceneries.

Also, we create red leaves artificially in fall which had not existed naturally before.

We have our uniques season in Shamballa as well, so please come and check it out!

cropped-mount-everest-himalayas-nuptse-lhotse-51387.jpegThere are mountain areas which have the perpetual snow on the summit. With my really blur eyes, I see them more like the Andes than the Himalaya mountains (I really love both mountains!).

I also have been to the islands like Hawaii or Bahamas where it has the tropical weather during the winter time in Shamballa. Those tropical islands & the beautiful emerald ocean are always nice no matter which dimensions you are in 🙂

I should stay nice and cozy at my sunroom right now…

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