Miracle spa

Hello, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice day♪

I really enjoy my spa (bath) time in Shamballa. My house has a few beautiful bathrooms and bathtubs. Somehow, I am into a bathroom design especially with the water faucets (this can be both in the real world & Shamballa) so that I often check out the websites and the ideas immediately reflect in my bathrooms in Shamballa.

Shamballa has really nice hot springs. There are several public spa places including at the Shamballa school. People go there not just for relaxing but also healing and medical treatments. When you go there (with your astral body), your physical body (in the real world) can be healed as well. Some people bathe their affected body parts particularly, then they get better in the real world.


Good effect in Shamballa (September 29th, 2014)

I usually suffer from rough skin when the fall season hits in the real world. I realized myself in Shamballa was taking a spa the other day and my skin (in the real world) actually got better a few days later.

Do you think that is a good effect/influence of what I have done (= taking a spa) in Shamballa?

People who know about the spa in Shamballa actually use it pretty often.

They bathe & wash their wounds, affected parts including tumor there by taking them out from their bodies.

I have seen some of them actually did wash other people’s affected parts as well.

In fact, it’s not curable if the wounds are on your mental body. It only works with a part of troubles in your deep-layered astral body.

There is also a room with light-shower which is located next to the spa. Please try it out as well.

– answered by Shamballa B-team.

A water faucet of my bathtub actually has a switch to get hot spring water. I can change the minerals in the water as well based on what I am looking for (such as relaxation, healing, treatment, etc.).

Isn’t it amazing? I can enjoy the beautiful spa time there and it actually works in the real world as well (it has a slow progress though).

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