What I am seeing & feeling may be (mostly) a delusion… this is what I (in the real world) have been thinking anytime I accessed Shamballa.

The five senses of my astral (emotional) body have not been developed yet so that I always have to use “my imagination” which can be a delusion.

As long as you live your real life in heathy situation (physically, mentally & spiritually), such imagination becomes an inspiration which is not always delusion but your “true” sixth sense reacting what is going on in Shamballa.

Yes, we have to live fully & healthily in the real world in order to access Shamballa.

Otherwise, we end up with full of delusions and/or mentally collapsed. There are ones who often take drugs to keep their fantasy/delusion going on… that is not what we are accessing Shamballa for.

A reckless delusion and manipulation (April 13th, 2015)

Basically, as long as you live healthily & properly in the real world, you should have No problem having delusions in Shamballa.

This is the point many of you misunderstand about a delusion.

For example, you enjoy playing your avatar in the computer game which has a cute face, totally different age-setting and child-like movements. If you get into the game too much to lose your real existence, your life will be collapsed.

Accessing Shamballa is the same thing. You should live your real life healthily first, then you can do enjoy your another life in Shamballa.

How to recognize your experience in Shamballa (truth or delusion) is whether or not you can remember it afterwards.

That is the same as a revelatory dream.

– by Shamballa C-team.

Another way to check out whether or not you are having a bogus dream/illusion/delusion is to share your experience with your friend(s) who also live in Shamballa.

It is very interesting that your friends can tell you almost the same things you have seen/experienced if they are actually “real” in Shamballa (which is pretty much the same as the real world, isn’t it?).

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