Sun bringer

When I was a child (in the real world), it was rain whenever I had events such as school picnics, entrance/graduation ceremonies, some sport events, and so on. I thought I was a rain bringer because of that.

Now, I am totally the opposite – a sun bringer. When I need to go outside in a rainy day, it stops while I am outside. Most cases, I do not need umbrella at all.

Last year, I went to Hawaii during the storm season which I heard the emergency alert almost everyday while I was there.


I went to several beaches and again, I didn’t need umbrella while I was walking, calming and relaxing there. At Lanikai beach, I stayed about 2 hours just looking at the beautiful view in front of me. As soon as I came back to my car (literally within a minute or two later), a tremendous rain shower hit the area…. yep, I didn’t need umbrella.

Sun bringer & rain bringer (September 10th, 2015)

Could you please explain what exactly “sun bringer” & “rain bringer” are all about? How come they can change the weather?

That is called a dimensional-operation.

The sun bringer has the “sunny” images only in his/her mind no matter where he/she goes which makes surrounding dimensions change as he/her wish = sunny.

If you understand how easy the dimensions can move, you should be able to get whatever you want.

Weather is such an easy thing to change. It is totally possible.
It is obvious that you can change it when you really wish for.

For example, in meteorology, thermal air becomes a low pressure which creates clouds and  eventually they bring rain.

But people can’t control the timing when actually the thermal air becomes a low pressure/ clouds bring rain, etc.

That’s the area actually in relation to the Astral world.

All condition must meet in order to have a sunny/rainy weather.

Both sun/rain bringer actually have the same meteorological condition except the timing which is the movement belongs to the Astral world is the only thing their wishes come true.

– answered by Arom.

So, my timing used to be more rainy side, but it is sunny side now 🙂

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