2 layers of Astral world

In Shamballa, we are told that there are 2 main (clear) layers in Astral world — a shallow layer and a deep layer. These are corresponding to our level of consciousness. A shallow layer is for our actual/physical consciousness and a deep layer is for our subconsciousness.

When we, people in the real world try to access Shamballa first, our astral bodies belong to the shallow astral layer so that they are called “shallow-layer astral body.” This body is pretty close to the physical body which is operated with the actual/physical consciousness (same as the physical body). This body is often called an “ethereal body” which does the astral projection stuff.

On the other hand, a “deep-layer astral body” is the body with our subconsciousness. This body is the one we normally call an “emotional body” which suppose to be sleeping in Shamballa unless we wake it up. Once this body wakes up, you can operate it via consciousness which means you are really connected to your subconsciousness.

In order to live in Shamballa consciously, you need to be able to move around with the deep-layer astral body. Many of us do move around there while sleeping, but that is only a temporary thing as I said before.

If you really focus on your favorite studies, works and hobbies, which is the situation that you are doing what your soul calls, your deep-layer astral body gets stimulated and eventually wakes up. It is very important how you live in the real world in order for your soul to proceed its most desired way.

How you live in the real world — that’s the key to all other dimensions and worlds.

Here is an interesting Q & A I have found:

A total fusion of shallow-layer and deep-layer astral worlds  (March 13th, 2016)

If both layers (shallow & deep layer astral worlds) become totally integrated, what do you think to happen? Are we all going to be pure like new-born subconsciousness?

We believe there would be more crimes happening with the mixture of consciousness and subconsciousness.

Since there are unsuitable, immoral and antisocial desires in the subconsciousness, they become uncontrollable in such fusion.

Of course, there are more rational people out there, but this can be the best opportunity for those degraded ones and you suppose to see more impulsive actions (crimes) because of that.


Our subconsciousness is not the almighty pure sense after all 🙂

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