My sewing machine

Hi! This is Shire. I hope you are doing pretty good today♪

I really enjoy sewing in Shamballa. It is totally different area of interest from who I am in the real world and I am always very surprised myself how different things attract me in Shamballa.

In fact, when I (= Shire in Shamballa) think about myself in the real world, I am also amazed how physically active I am there which I can never do here (in Shamballa)! I am physically not so strong in Shamballa and that is absolutely opposite from myself in the real world.

As I said before, both bodies (physical and astral/emotional) are myself for sure but I do & feel things differently between the 2 bodies within the 2 worlds.

When I think about designing a new dress and/or some small pouches, I really get excited how I would like to do so. I look up some design books, draw the ideas and check the materials in Shamballa. I sometimes let my physical body check out ideas on the websites.

Then, I start cutting & sewing 🙂

I enjoy using my sewing machine which works pretty fast, sharp and quiet. It really works well with some fine sections as well as thick fabrics. I can keep working with it for a long time.

One day, I realized that my sewing machine looks different from regular (conventional) ones:

[the image from this page]

…yes, I have been using a left-handed sewing machine! What? Am I left-handed in Shamballa?? hmmmmm….

I was actually born left-handed and later changed to become a right-handed user for most tools in the real world. I sometime do use both hands for certain things without any problem. But I have never thought about a sewing machine. Well, I’ve never even noticed what I was using in Shamballa is actually for a left-handed user.

It is very interesting to find out “new” things about myself here in Shamballa.

2 thoughts on “My sewing machine

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  1. When I get in Shamballa from real world, something in my consciousness turns over.
    I think this is why a character in Shamballa is contrast to that in real world.


    1. That’s really interesting! I feel pretty much the same between Shamballa & the real world, but the physical activities are somehow really contrasting.


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