Memories of former life

I was always wondering why I had lost all my past memories when I was born.

I somehow knew that “this current life” was not the first and only one on the Earth since I was really young. I also had so many “deja vu” and “I already know this…why?” experiences.

Yet, I do not have any clear memory of my past lives.

Memory of former life (August 6th, 2014)

Most people on the Earth do not have past-life memory, but some of them claim that they actually have it. Why do things like that happen? Why are there only certain people who have such memories? Is there any merit not to have any past-life memory in order to learn things as new?

First of all, EVERYONE actually has such memories.

Your dominant brain hemisphere (left brain) manages the current life and the minor brain hemisphere (right brain) does the former life.

Your dominant brain hemisphere controls the minor brain hemisphere, and the minor brain hemisphere keeps itself down as well.

That is why your memories of former life hardly come up to your dominant brain hemisphere = the brain of current life.

People who have such memories usually do have the minor brain hemisphere which are not kept down as much.

By the way, one of brain disorders in minor brain hemisphere is called “higher brain dysfunction” which connects the condition that patient does not understand how to use a watch or a scissor which had never existed in his/her former/previous world.

The merit which does not remember the former life is to erase the memories of wars (as you might have heard before).

Such atrocious memories are intentionally erased and the new life should freshly begin in order for your soul to grow healthily.

People usually recall only a portion of the former memories which relate to your soul growth so that there is no memory of wars included.

You do not need the memory which kill each other at the moment you meet, do you?

Thank you very much for your good questions.

– answered by Shamballa A team.

I was told that I have been in this planet for a looooooong time (by several different people including people in Shamballa). Yes, I had experienced wars before which I really do not want to recall at all.

Now I live in Shamballa as well as the real world, and I have noticed the connection of my former life and meanings of some deja vu I had when I was a child.

It is very strange, but it is all me, myself no matter where and when I live, had lived and will live.


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