At a breakfast time

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a good day♪

I love breakfast both in real world & Shamballa. Some of you may skip it because you are too busy and/or not so hungry in the morning, right? I used to be like that, but I really enjoy breakfast in these days and definitely get healthier 🙂

So, in Shamballa, I have different dishes every morning such as fried eggs, scrambled eggs, seafood omelet, eggs Benedict w/salmon, veggie quiche, Thai-style rice-porridge (I love this!), etc., etc. Oh, I do not eat meat there and here (in this real dimension).

Unlike breakfast in the real world, I do spend a really good & slow-paced time in Shamballa. Well, there is a time-difference between here and there… Shamballa is about 4~5 times slower than the real world. Your 4 years here are just a year in Shamballa. Believe or not, that’s why the Olympics hold only once every 4 years.


Myself in Shamballa (March 28th, 2015)

Am I not moving at all unless I consciously access Shamballa? Dose my body in Shamballa (= my emotional body) start moving by itself when my physical body is in sleep?

Yes, that case sometimes happens.
When you (physical body) are in non-REM-sleep, your body in Shamballa moves around, but it stops when you are in REM-sleep.
When you do not consciously access there in Shamballa, your (astral/emotional) body is in the situation of “out of focus.”

For example, please imagine a dog in front of you now.
When you shows him a cookie, he probably looks at it for a second. Then he immediately looks somewhere else or changes the focus.

The dog’s time is 4X faster than humans. That is your case in Shamballa since your time (in the real world) is also 4~5X faster than us.
You (emotional body) in Shamballa are usually restless, can’t stick to one thing, sleep or be in a daze.
But it does not affect us almost at all since your fully focused 40-minutes are our only 10-minutes, so you can just focus again if you become out of it.

Also, we have seen some of you move around and others just sleep when you (physical body) are in sleep.
If you are one of those moving types, your body in Shamballa moves around with your sense of former life since your right-brain activates during the time (= physical body in sleep).

– answered by Shamballa A team.

While I am typing this, myself in Shamballa enjoys cafe au lait, fruits with yogurt and freshly baked croissants. Oh, here comes my eggs Benedict!

OK, see you guys later♪


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