Forever young in Shamballa

I look like early 30s in Shamballa, and I suppose to keep this shape & look till the end of my life there.

Not just me, everyone there never get “old.” When you see 75-years-old father and 50-years-old son in Shamballa, both of them probably look like late 20s~early 30s. Yes, both of them.

Age in Shamballa (November 24th, 2015)

I am already an adult (age) in Shamballa. I can’t really imagine “growing up” anymore. Do you think I will keep my shape & look as is since people won’t be aging in Shamballa?

We, people in Shamballa, all have removed cause of aging.

That means we never age (get old) after early 30s.

30s are time for change in the cellular tissue, and people never get old if they try not have the cellular change.

This actually applies to physical bodies (in the real world) as well.

We can’t tell you the mechanism yet, but it is not a gene manipulation.

It is not your life-style.

It is not your eating habits either.

Can you imagine what it is?

Thank you very much for your questions.

– answered by Shamballa C-2 team.

Hmmmm, we may be able to beat aging in this physical dimension as well.

By the way, lots of people who have been accessing Shamballa (as far as I know) are very young there (most of them are teenagers). Why? I will explain it some other time.

I need to go to a nice bed now 🙂



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