I used to practice…

Hi, this is Shire! I hope you are doing well today ♪

First thing I wanted to try in Shamballa was…. yes, “flying.” Since I was a child in the physical dimension, I have always believed that I should be able to fly (well, I still believe it). I had tried so many times like jumping out of some high places as many of you might have done so.

Of course I have seen night-time dreams which I was flying around different places (probably not an astral projection though) so many times. As I grew up, my flying skills have gotten better and better (unlike many people who usually stop dreaming such “unrealistic” stuff).

A kind of personal (about a dream) question (June 15th, 2015)

I sometimes fly in my dreams (not that often though).

First time I saw it, I was flying super low like only a foot above ground and crushed into low-height trees so that I did not understand why I had to even fly.

But I got better and better as I saw the dream, and nowadays I can really fly high and circle over buildings.

Have I been learning how to fly in Shamballa?

There are people who can actually fly in Shamballa.
In your case, instead of learning, you tried it by yourself and made it.

Like above Q & A, I really tried (self-taught) hard to fly in Shamballa. I knew I could do it. It is pretty important to remove your fixed mind & fixed ideas especially at a place like Shamballa.

As soon as you believe in yourself, you can do things you have been dreaming of.

So, this is a kind of views I saw first time I started flying in Shamballa:

[illustration from this page]

Can you imagine how excited & happy I was?!
It was a little bit difficult task for me at first, but I had a great time!

Not many people can fly in Shamballa, but they do commute without any ordinary transportation but flying….hmmm, I wish I could do it in physical (real) world too 🙂


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