Beautiful people

My vision in Shamballa is still pretty blur (like a newborn baby). But I often get images through my third-eye which I look it as a sense than an actual vision. Hmmm, it’s hard to explain it with words, but I would say that I normally get a lot of information there through my third eye which can translate into images, sentences and more rarely but occasionally hearings.

Even with my blur eyes and unreliable (laugh) third-eye images, people in Shamballa are very, very beautiful. Well, they all have great looks in their own ways. I have never seen “ugly” face there yet.

Like us humans on Earth, Shamballa has many different kinds/race of people (many of them currently live or used to live on this physical dimension)… oh well, I am not going to talk about ETs in this time (of course such “people” are there as well though). White, black, yellow, red… Europeans, Americans, Asians, Indians, etc., etc., they all look really beautiful. It almost looks like a huge modeling agent wonderland, hahaha!

Appearance and justice (February 25th, 2015)

This is kinda trivial question though, would you please explain why people in Shamballa, Mars and Venus are all so beautiful? When I was a child, I read a story that beautiful aliens and ugly ones came to Earth and of course people on Earth welcomed only beautiful ones but they were actually really evil. I was really surprised because I thought the beauty would be an expression of “right/justice” at that time.

Well, it (becoming beautiful) is an evolution.

For example, when you compare a photo of children 70 years ago (during WWII) and now, you can easily notice that they look way more beautiful now than then, right?

That essence of the beauty is existing in your DNA.
There is a DNA which determines the shape of “beauty.”
It makes us change to the shape.
Beautiful appearance has really totally eaten into our DNA which makes us feel so happy when we become that.

People in Shamballa (Mars & Venus) are your predecessors so that they are all naturally beautiful.

– answered by Shamballa C-3 team.

After spending some time in Shamballa, I don’t really care how beautiful they look but their mind and heart.

After all, what you feel “beautiful” is pretty much same no matter where you are♡

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