Knitting time

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well today♪

I love things in Shamballa which I don’t normally do much in physical world. Cooking and flower arrangements are the things I have already introduced here.

I also love knitting a lot here in Shamballa♡ I have made sweaters, winter caps and scarves so far.


Like the way you do in this physical world, I do check out the yarn-materials and colors as well as the design and pattern. I do look up a several design/pattern websites to see how I would like to use them into my own ideas. Oh, these researches are done by my physical body too which is normally totally not interested in such things! (I am surprised myself in that case.)

Since my shape in Shamballa is one of my past lives and my right brain contains memories of my past life, knitting might be one of my favorite things in the past life.

Resubmitting questions (January 4th, 2015)

You told me that our right-brain is a brain for former life. I tried to understand what that would mean as:

1. Right brain is a storage for information regarding former (life’s) astral body within my deep-level astral body.

2. Right brain is a processor for the information from my former (life’s) astral body.

3. Something else?

I am not quite sure what it is.

Would you be able to understand if I say your right brain is filled with memories of your past life?
You live your current life with your former life.
That is why people would like to find out about their past lives.

You must be aware of the fact that where the half of your heart is coming from.

– answered by Shamballa C-2 team.

Discovering myself is one of really exciting things in Shamballa for sure. At the same time, I enjoy knitting more and more!

Let’s see, what I am going to make next….

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