I was just reading…

My physical body found “Beth’s blog” (it has been renewed & upgraded since September, 2016) in 2014. When I saw it first time, I had no idea what the blog was all about. It was just a series of Q & A all over without any explanation or notion who those people were.

However, I really got into the answers which are very unique and cover so many different area of subjects: Universe, Spirituality, Science & Physics, Philosophy, Politics, Medicine as well as stuff like “how can I see myself in Shamballa?” “What is my name there?” which are common & interesting questions we all have.

I started reading the blog just for fun. There were already so many posts (currently over 5,500 posts on the blog), but they were not so overwhelming yet. I was just a reader, and I thought I would be for a long time…


My question (December 19th, 2014)

I often enjoy reading your blog, but I have not done anything actively in terms of accessing Shamballa stuff. I myself think as a ghost member, but…. do you think I am there (in Shamballa)?

Yes, your room is here (in Shamballa).
As we have said before, everyone (on the Earth) has his/her room here.
However, this (blog) is a new project that the readers suppose to create their own rooms by themselves.

Your room has a normal sized bed and chair.
It’s like an American apartment.
You can move to a more luxurious room so that you may enjoy here more.

You look like a female in early 30s.
You must have been in the Earth for a long time.
You have a semi-long black hair and brown eyes.

– answered by Shamballa B-team.

Can you imagine how much I was surprised?

I thought I was just a blog reader…….

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