Not a special thing

Do you like to be special? Many people probably desire to be super special something which are better/superior than others. We have been raised and taught to compare/compete against each other so that your almost all judgements are based on somebody’s data, results, thoughts and ideas.

I am not interested in what is world’s average and/or I am in which position based on the measurement/standard. I am not interested in how special you and I are either 🙂

In other words, everyone is unique, original and special in its own way. Uncomparable.

Accessing to Shamballa is the same thing. It’s not special at all. Actually, everyone on Earth in this physical world does access there almost everyday… as a dream.

I talked about a revelatory dream before though, accessing Shamballa can be happening way more casually during your night time sleep. You just don’t remember most of the time, that’s all.

Yes, all you guys 6-billion people are visiting Shamballa as your night-time dreams.
However it doesn’t do anything to your life. It doesn’t help your path at all.
It is just a temporary leisure.
You must change your consciousness in order to really stay and work in Shamballa.

– from Room, delusion and I (October 30th, 2015)

So accessing is easy, but really consciously accessing Shamballa is a bit harder thing, yes? You have to wake yourself up (your emotional body sleeping there) first.

Why do we even have to do so?

As far as my experience goes, it definitely helps balancing my physical, mental and spiritual condition in many ways. Also, to be honest with you, a lot of my small desires came true and negative issues have almost all gone by now since I started accessing there.

But but but, please do not compare with me! We are totally different. You are the only existence in the world to find out about your own experience.


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