I love sweets♡

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well today ♪

Unlike myself in the “real” world, I really enjoy making & having sweets in Shamballa. I have made several different cakes (chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, mille-feuille, etc.) and other kinds of sweets there before. I have shared those with friends there as well as students at Shamballa school where many of them are accessing Shamballa from this physical (real) world.

I have noticed that my sense of taste got really sharp some point after about a year since I started accessing Shamballa. Especially when I had a chocolate parfait, I was totally amazed by the flavor & bitter-sweet taste of chocolate. I immediately said “I have never had such tasty chocolate parfait before!!”


I’ve heard that flavor & taste of food in Shamballa are really pure/vivid because there is no energetic/frequency-wise interruption between people and foods. It means that we taste really pure/true state of the food there.

By the way, our sense there usually starts with like a baby: no vision, no hearing, but keen taste…

Your sense currently is like a baby.
Most of you are just born (woke up) in Shamballa which we see you as new born babies.
Your overall sense is better with touch than vision, and taste is even more developed than others (like new born babies typically are) .
Well, like babies, your sense will gradually develop so that you don’t have to worry about or rush anything.

-from Questions about party (January 19th, 2015)

Yes, my sense (especially vision & hearing) is still pretty damn poor. I really can’t see or hear thing there. However, somehow I can tell many things (most of them are correct according to the people who see/hear the same things!)…. because we humans have “the third eye.” I seem to use it a lot to catch things there as well as my sense of taste.

Anyways, let’s see what I am going to make today…..yum-yum!



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