Dreamy swimming 

I have been swimming in Shamballa since a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy it a lot. Water sometimes feels more gentle, smooth and definitely softer than the real world. I often feel that I may be able to stay under the water for a long time without worrying about breathe.


One day while I was swimming, my physical body actually fell a sleep. I did not realize that and kept swimming. When I finally woke up (in the real world), I still felt the water around me. Of course I got a little confused… wait! which “myself” was swimming? or sleeping??

One clear thing is that you are almost certain to be in Shamballa if your night-time dream becomes clearer and more vivid & detailed after you wake up.

A revelatory dream usually gets clearer after you wake up. For example, if you a runner in a big athletic field with full of supporters & spectators, you must get nervous and probably run frantically. At that moment, you probably have no clue what you have done, but you tend to recall the memories later. This means that you actually enter the data & store them into your brain no matter how frantic you become.

– from Recalling delusion & memories (June 20th, 2015)

Once your astral body (= emotional body) wakes up in Shamballa, your memories & knowledge get doubled or can be more than that. You can use them in any world you belong to.

In any case, I really love swimming in Shamballa… by the way, it is an indoor swimming since Shamballa is in Winter now 🙂


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