My body in Shamballa, Part 2

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well ♪

So, I talked last time about two (2) astral bodies we have: ethereal body & emotional body (thoughtform).

Ethereal body belongs to(within) your physical body which has basically the same figure (look) as your physical body.

Emotional body exists totally separately in Shamballa and is typically sleeping during your (physical body’s) entire lifetime. What does this body look like?

How does my astral body look like in Shamballa? (March 14th, 2016)

You told me that my astral body in Shamballa now has a look of my former life and I was sleeping before accessing there like the movie Matrix. I am curious to know how we used to look like when we were sleeping. Did I look like a human or just a lump of astral energies while I was sleeping?

It was a will-o’-the-wisp.
That is probably an easier expression for you to understand.
You were sleeping as a lump of energies which did not have particular shape.

answered by Shamballa dimensional-operation team.


I look like a Hungarian woman of early 30s in Shamballa. I know this is one of my former looks — I used to be a Gypsy (Romany) lady in probably 18th~19th Century in Eastern Europe. Of course it is totally different look from my current physical body. Let’s see… I look a little similar to this Hungarian singer, Szalóki Ági (I borrowed the photo from her official site) except my hair color is black and eyes are brown.


Why do I exist there with such a look? Well, everyone who accesses Shamballa has different story,  but one common thing is that “the body (shape) matches the frequency of Shamballa.”

You exist in this real world on Earth because your self-being matches the frequency of this dimension.


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