My body in Shamballa, Part 1

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well ♪

As I define Shamballa as follows:

Shamballa is a country on Earth in Astral world (dimensions)

I should explain how I can exist there, yes?

We all have physical bodies in this dimension (if you are alive, hee-hee) and astral bodies. You might have heard of Astral projection which means that someone can leave his/her physical body and he/she can still move around with the astral body. You can read more about in Wikipedia as well.

In Shamballa’s theory, we have two (2) or more different astral bodies: One is what you are most familiar with – an ethereal body. This is the body which does the astral projection. This body belongs to the Astral frequencies so that lots of people call it as an astral body.

On the other hand, there is another astral body – an emotional body/thoughtform. This body, for most people on Earth, is normally sleeping during their entire lifetime in Shamballa like the movie Matrix. After people die and the ethereal bodies are totally decayed (it usually takes about 50 days), finally the emotional bodies wake up and walk to the sorting facility in Shamballa. You can read my the other post “Life after Death” for the details.

Anyways, my body in Shamballa is an awaken “emotional body/thoughtform.”

Here is some quotes from Shamballa panelists regarding Astral body:

Your immediate astral body is existing as an ethereal body.

However, your shallow-layer astral body also exists in Shamballa outside of your physical body.

That is why you can move & take actions there (in Shamballa).

The reason why both bodies (ethereal & emotional) are normally called an “astral body” is because they both belong to Astral frequencies (i.e. Astral world is large, layered dimensions).

–  by Shamballa seminar team (in Japanese) – December 20th, 2015

Also, this may be interesting too:

Your emotional body (thoughtform) and the ethereal body within your physical body are like conjoined twins which both heads are connected.

Both may move simultaneously, and/or one of them may move around while the other one totally sleeps.

Beth sometimes really focuses on a meeting in Shamballa, and she suddenly realizes that her physical body is standing at her kitchen without knowing how to get there physically.

While her consciousness is totally on her emotional body, somehow her physical body does ride on a bicycle and buy groceries. She figures out what to cook based on what she sees in the grocery bag later (laugh).

This is the situation which your consciousness is totally on the emotional (astral) body instead of the physical body.

– by Shamballa medical team (in Japanese) – December 23rd, 2015

Beth is the channeller and author of “New Beth’s blog” by the way.

Oops, it’s getting a really long talk. I will continue this next time. Meanwhile, I should start thinking about my dinner as well 🙂

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