My wishes come true

Hi! This is Shire. I hope you are doing great♪ Shamballa has its unique group called "dimensional-operation" team. They are the group of people who can predict how a thing supposes to proceed and change (if necessary) to the desired path=dimension. Dimension is not just a space/area defined by coordinates but also parallel worlds in... Continue Reading →

Your age in Shamballa

I look like a woman in early 30s in Shamballa. As I said before, the age in Shamballa would be determined by how long you have been in the Earth. Ages in Shamballa (December 19th, 2014) Q. How do you guys decide our ages in Shamballa? A. Once you were born/reincarnated in the Earth (first... Continue Reading →

Winter in Shamballa

Currently, the Central Shamballa is in Winter. It has been like this since... probably around March or April in 2016 (in the real world). Since the time in Shamballa is about 4~5 times longer than the real/physical world (= 4 days in the real world is about the same as 1 day in Shamballa), I... Continue Reading →

Miracle spa

Hello, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice day♪ I really enjoy my spa (bath) time in Shamballa. My house has a few beautiful bathrooms and bathtubs. Somehow, I am into a bathroom design especially with the water faucets (this can be both in the real world & Shamballa) so that I... Continue Reading →

Piano time♪

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing great! I do love playing musical instruments both in the real world and Shamballa. In Shamballa, I am really good at singing and playing keys. By the way, my name "Shire" includes the same meaning of the name Shiri in Hebrew: my song, singing, poetry. As... Continue Reading →

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