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My wishes come true

Hi! This is Shire. I hope you are doing great♪

Shamballa has its unique group called “dimensional-operation” team. They are the group of people who can predict how a thing supposes to proceed and change (if necessary) to the desired path=dimension. Dimension is not just a space/area defined by coordinates but also parallel worlds in Shamballa.

When you imagine a golf ball on the green, you can see several ways/paths to proceed to the hole. But some paths can’t make to the hole since you hit the ball too hard, too soft, the ball goes to wrong directions including some unpredicted issues (like a bird flying in and grabbing the ball away). That is how you see the possible dimensions you can pick from based on what frequencies (= that defines how hard you hit the ball too) you belong to. Which frequencies you belong to determine which courses/paths = (dimensions) you can go to.

But you may also have heard this before that a really good golfer can totally see the path and know he/she can make to the hole with the confidence.

That is based on how much you are confident and the effort supports it. What actually happening at this point is that he/she changes the dimension to be the most desirable one because that’s what his/her soul calls.

You can change dimensions in any ways if that is what your soul calls.

Even if the wish is too large and ridiculous, it can come true if your soul calls it.

To make your wishes come true (October 21st, 2016)

If your wishes do not follow your life’s mission, they can’t come true no matter how small they are. In other words, you can get a lot of money if that is a part of your life’s mission.

You can always persuade yourself (your subconsciousness) in order to get such large amount of money. If you can make a great plan/ideas which your soul/subconsciousness totally understands why you need that money, then you will get it as much as you want and whenever you want.

– answered by Shamballa dimensional-operation team.

I had a long time dream in my real life. It actually came true with a slightly different way, and I even didn’t notice that since it became way too naturally fitting into my everyday life. I finally realized that and was surprised “how normal” I feel about it. It was not so exciting, special and precious thing after-all (laugh).

For some people, “dream” should be something you can’t make to and leave it in your special area without touching….

B team · Shamballa

Your age in Shamballa

I look like a woman in early 30s in Shamballa. As I said before, the age in Shamballa would be determined by how long you have been in the Earth.

Ages in Shamballa (December 19th, 2014)

How do you guys decide our ages in Shamballa?

Once you were born/reincarnated in the Earth (first time), that would be your birth year.

You told us we would not be able to reincarnate again once we get too old, so how old would it be?

About 40-years-old in Shamballa.

Our ages in Shamballa can be calculated by “The time since we were reincarnated in the Earth divided by 1000”, yes? I mean if I was first born in the Earth about 10,000 years ago, should my age (in Shamballa) be 10-years-old?

No. It should be “Times divided by 100” so that your age would be 100-years-old. If you are 15-years-old in Shamballa, you came to the Earth about 1,500 years ago.

There are people who say “I have been here since 5,000 years ago!” or “I used to live in the Egyptian kingdom time” stuff like that. But it usually means that such people actually reincarnated other planets like Venus and came back to the Earth during the course of years instead of continued staying in the Earth.

If you would like to find out when you came to the Earth, usually you can multiply your age (in Shamballa) by 100.

– answered by Shamballa B-team.

Well, this means that I have been in the Earth for a long time! And…. this life (in the real world) may be, may be my last time in this planet….

Diary · Shamballa

Winter in Shamballa

Currently, the Central Shamballa is in Winter. It has been like this since… probably around March or April in 2016 (in the real world). Since the time in Shamballa is about 4~5 times longer than the real/physical world (= 4 days in the real world is about the same as 1 day in Shamballa), I believe this Winter weather will be going till around next April in 2017.

Four seasons in Shamballa (September 4th, 2016)

Do you guys have “clear” four seasons in Shamballa? Has it been like that?

We are surrounded by modern buildings (especially in the Central Shamballa) so that it is hard to identify the “clear” seasonal views/sceneries.

Also, we create red leaves artificially in fall which had not existed naturally before.

We have our uniques season in Shamballa as well, so please come and check it out!

cropped-mount-everest-himalayas-nuptse-lhotse-51387.jpegThere are mountain areas which have the perpetual snow on the summit. With my really blur eyes, I see them more like the Andes than the Himalaya mountains (I really love both mountains!).

I also have been to the islands like Hawaii or Bahamas where it has the tropical weather during the winter time in Shamballa. Those tropical islands & the beautiful emerald ocean are always nice no matter which dimensions you are in 🙂

I should stay nice and cozy at my sunroom right now…

B team · Diary · Shamballa

Miracle spa

Hello, this is Shire. I hope you are having a nice day♪

I really enjoy my spa (bath) time in Shamballa. My house has a few beautiful bathrooms and bathtubs. Somehow, I am into a bathroom design especially with the water faucets (this can be both in the real world & Shamballa) so that I often check out the websites and the ideas immediately reflect in my bathrooms in Shamballa.

Shamballa has really nice hot springs. There are several public spa places including at the Shamballa school. People go there not just for relaxing but also healing and medical treatments. When you go there (with your astral body), your physical body (in the real world) can be healed as well. Some people bathe their affected body parts particularly, then they get better in the real world.


Good effect in Shamballa (September 29th, 2014)

I usually suffer from rough skin when the fall season hits in the real world. I realized myself in Shamballa was taking a spa the other day and my skin (in the real world) actually got better a few days later.

Do you think that is a good effect/influence of what I have done (= taking a spa) in Shamballa?

People who know about the spa in Shamballa actually use it pretty often.

They bathe & wash their wounds, affected parts including tumor there by taking them out from their bodies.

I have seen some of them actually did wash other people’s affected parts as well.

In fact, it’s not curable if the wounds are on your mental body. It only works with a part of troubles in your deep-layered astral body.

There is also a room with light-shower which is located next to the spa. Please try it out as well.

– answered by Shamballa B-team.

A water faucet of my bathtub actually has a switch to get hot spring water. I can change the minerals in the water as well based on what I am looking for (such as relaxation, healing, treatment, etc.).

Isn’t it amazing? I can enjoy the beautiful spa time there and it actually works in the real world as well (it has a slow progress though).


Piano time♪

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing great!

I do love playing musical instruments both in the real world and Shamballa. In Shamballa, I am really good at singing and playing keys. By the way, my name “Shire” includes the same meaning of the name Shiri in Hebrew: my song, singing, poetry.

As the name suggests, I love singing & playing songs. In my room, I have a nice white piano which has a pretty clear tone (I feel it’s a bit closer to Yamaha-ish than Steinway).


In my real life, I was not so good at playing Jazz, but I can do pretty well now in Shamballa. It is interesting that my musical sense & skills definitely get amplified in Shamballa. I believe it’s because my subconsciousness knows (has been storing) what I have been learning in all my all soul history.

Anyways, this version of “Moon River” is one of my favorite to play in Shamballa:

I hope you will enjoy your musical time ♪♪♪